Example sentences of "[vb mod] be [verb] to be [adj] " in BNC.

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91 This analysis could be said to be self-serving , yet it is not without justification ; the president was never as powerful as the critics suggested .
92 The concept of parental rights in education could be said to be concerned with the ability of parents to extend the control they are able to exert within the family to their child 's formal education , thus protecting their ‘ interest ’ in the child .
93 These technologies could be said to be neo-Fordist — that is they make use of information technologies but within a framework determined in the Fordist era .
94 ‘ Brother shall deliver up brother to death ’ could be said to be true of Jerome , for if he had not killed he had indeed delivered Aldhelm to his death .
95 While all could be said to be right-wing , their sympathies were not identical where other countries were concerned .
96 As parts of a whole Universe we could be said to be responsible for everything , for we are an active part of an active creation .
97 Held , that in the opinion of the court , ( 1 ) a stay for delay or any other reason was to be imposed only in exceptional circumstances ; that , even where delay could be said to be unjustifiable , the imposition of a permanent stay was to be the exception rather than the rule ; and that even more rarely could a stay properly be imposed in the absence of fault on the part of the complainant or the prosecution , and never where the delay was due merely to the complexity of the case or contributed to by the defendant 's actions ( post , pp. 18H — 19A ) .
98 Certainly , academics will tend to identify with their department more than their institution ; but there is a sense in which the worldwide subject-based invisible college could be said to be basic .
99 The search for the motivation leads back to the hypothesis put forward earlier , that life itself could be held to be synonymous with desire , therefore to have life was to have desire .
100 The motivation for the project was : staff recognition of a need to evaluate whether children made any real progress in their written work between 1st year infants and 4th year juniors ; whether too much was expected too soon , and whether it is possible to decide an age when the average child could be expected to be competent in certain skills ; whether the language curriculum throughout the school was sufficiently broad in terms of coverage or whether there was unnecessary duplication ; whether the most able children were being stretched enough ; whether there was any justification for ‘ setting ’ across classes for certain kinds of work ; whether pooling teacher energy and resources on a common topic increased intra-staff awareness and co-operation , and co-operation and interest among children from different classes ; and finally , whether whole-school topic work appeared sufficiently worthwhile in terms of children 's learning experiences to warrant repetition at some future date .
101 Together these viewpoints have distorted the development of English education at the expense of a balanced provision in a system which could be expected to be concerned with the broad world of personal development , preparation for employment and providing for economic and community need , both local and national .
102 Ricardou was particularly guilty of attempting to establish an officially sanctioned list of approved modernist precursors : the criteria he used were based on a simplistic and over-schematic distinction between writers who accepted a mimetic function and those for whom the materiality of language could be shown to be paramount .
103 On appeal , this assumption could be shown to be false and the village ends up with a significant new development site ; it is this type of appeal decision which leaves the layman surprised and frustrated at the way in which the system operates .
104 In spelling out its arguments for the proposed pattern , the Council was once again reinterpreting the balance that had been at the centre of its concerns from the beginning : there was nothing in the Charter and Statutes ‘ which prevented greater recognition from being given to an institution 's own internal procedures where these could be shown to be rigorous and effective .
105 Professor Glennerster says that his research shows that none of the alleged scares about the scheme could be found to be true .
106 The boy shrugged , raising his brows with a mild affectation of surprise that it could be thought to be important ; but the stillness of his face and the steadiness of his eyes on Hotspur went some way towards betraying him .
107 And a lot more likely to offer advice that could be trusted to be impartial .
108 This type of deformation causes no dilatation and so the observed effects may be assumed to be due to one causes only — structural rearrangements which do not cause a change of volume .
109 This asserts that the demand for a company 's equity may be assumed to be flat ( perfectly elastic ) for all practical purposes and hence increases in supply will have no discernible effect on the price .
110 Your salary is £8,250 exclusive of live-in benefits , which may be assumed to be equivalent to a further 20 per cent .
111 These ‘ leaders ’ may be assumed to be aware of each other 's power and reliably to report it .
112 Suggested Compromises : The Purchaser to have the right of rescission for breaches which are ‘ so material ’ that they effectively change the nature of what the Purchaser thought it was acquiring ; any such compromise should ideally specify the measure of materiality either by reference to a specific amount of money or a percentage of the value of the business to be acquired although this may be felt to be impossible to quantify ; or
113 As a result of strong growth , firms hope to become sufficiently large to make a " name " and thus attract new issuers and build placing power , an objective that may be felt to be consistent with long term profit maximisation .
114 Yet again , the optimal solution may be felt to be unsatisfactory and further reflection reveal that the reason for this is that some aspect of the problem has not been modelled adequately .
115 When the visiting spouse is accompanied by offspring or other family members , further modification of the partners ' behaviour may be perceived to be necessary .
116 Substituting into the right-hand side of ( 8–47 ) , and using ( 8–49 ) and ( 8–50 ) , it may be seen to be proportional to .
117 Any initial work in multicultural mathematics may be seen to be tokenistic , especially if the only obvious reason for its inclusion is that it represents other cultures .
118 These equations may be seen to be identical to ( 12.32 ) and ( 12.33 ) with Ψ and Φ replacing X and w .
119 From this viewpoint , cost simply becomes one of many ways in which the product may be seen to be different from others .
120 It is such questions which one must ask of Christians , particularly Christians who would be feminist , who explain that the creation story ( or any other part of the Christian story which may be said to be sexist ) is to them a ‘ true myth ’ .
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