Example sentences of "[vb mod] [vb infin] from time to time " in BNC.

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31 Any reasonably well-known professional scientist will receive from time to time letters written by bell-meaning people who indicate , usually in rather guarded terms , that they have in their possession the solution to the riddle of the universe and they just need a little help in polishing it up or propagating it .
32 But anyone working in this field will receive from time to time invitations to offer evidence as an expert witness in such cases .
33 No matter how thorough our precautions , however , trouble will strike from time to time and , as with all forms of sickness , the very first thing we then have to do is diagnose or identify the cause .
34 ‘ A discreet establishment that you may visit from time to time ? ’
35 But there are certain feelings and reactions in bereavement that are common to much of the animal kingdom , including the human race , and all who are caring for the bereaved need to be aware of them , as well as being ready to accept the tremendous range of responses that people can produce from time to time in their efforts to deal with their painful situation .
36 Their function can vary from time to time and place to place .
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