Example sentences of "[coord] it be not [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 So it 's jargon , it 's assuming people will pick things up as quickly as we have and it 's not recognising that people have different interpretations .
2 But they also say in the alternative that that since the plaintiffs themselves were at this time by mid to late October of nineteen eighty five , not ready or able to complete it would have been improper erm for the defendant to advise the plaintiffs to serve a special notice to complete and my Lord the question that therefore arises er whether , even if that were correct , er and it 's not admitted that it is , that exonerates the defendants from given the advice er and whether they should still have advised the plaintiff erm of the opportunity which was open to him , that the plaintiff could if necessary take that course himself or be advised to go er elsewhere and be advised independently is er this is , this the point of the matter which he regarded as improper and was not willing to do it on the plaintiff 's behalf .
3 This is constantly done in Mincing Lane [ a street in the City of London ] , and the person who acts in this way is , perhaps , a quasi-arbitrator or even an arbitrator , but he is an arbitrator of a particular sort , and it is not intended that there should be the same judicial proceeding on his part as there would be in the case of an arbitrator appointed under a formal submission .
4 It is not proposed that in every case a single indicator will suffice for a concept on every occasion , and it is not suggested that in every case an indicator will fully represent the concept it is to " stand for " .
5 In Chambers , copy documents are not required in the High Court ( RSC Ord 32/21 ) , and it is not expected that they will be provided in the county court .
6 The nature of the breakage is largely controlled by the structural properties of the bones concerned , and it is not considered that this experiment has provided any new information on breakage ( see , for instance , Korth 1979 ) .
7 The evidence produced included a transcript in English of Price 's evidence before the City Court of Gôteborg ; and it was not disputed that this evidence was admissible under paragraph 12 of the Schedule 1 .
8 Held , ( 1 ) refusing to join B. as a party , that , since B. claimed no personal interest in the money in court and it was not suggested that the money belonged to the ousted regime , her only locus standi would be as a person entitled to represent the Republic of Somalia ; but that , on the evidence , B. had no recognition as a representative of the Republic in the United Kingdom ( post , pp. 749H — 750B ) .
9 Of these three , bad environment must of course be taken seriously , and it was not suggested that environmental factors did not play an important part in health deterioration , but ‘ environment is not the only factor so operative and possibly not the most important one ’ ( M'Gonigle and Kirby , 1936 , p. 148 ) .
10 The agendas for the above 3 meetings will be issued in due course , but it is not intended that the reports should be circulated again ; spare copies of the reports are available for members , by telephoning me at the undernoted extension .
11 Within the state , the polis , all the inhabitants are rated as men , in the sense that they are not monsters ; but it is not assumed that , by virtue of being men , they are all of equal moral standing .
12 Ratio and proportion are difficult concepts and therefore a limited number of questions was used , but it is not suggested that these represent the only possible ones for lower attainers .
13 A further claim for , inter alia , unlawful means conspiracy was brought against Company B but it was not alleged that the predominant purpose of the conspiracy was to injure the plaintiffs since the defendants were obviously concerned to protect their own position .
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