Example sentences of "[coord] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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31 Over the next few months Endill began to hate his schoolwork more and more ; not because it was difficult and boring but because he thought what the teachers taught him was of no use .
32 Cooke says : ‘ Egg pasta is certainly preferred by many chefs not only because of its excellent colour and flavour , but because it offers them the possibility of upgrading their pasta menus , thus increasing their profits . ’
33 You 've thought about it — for maybe a whole five seconds — but before you give him the thumbs up , runs these ten questions by him — it 's better to be safe than sorry .
34 The vehicle was originally a petrol but before I bought it the engine was replaced with a Gold Seal factory rebuilt diesel unit .
35 But before I give you the assignment sheet , erm , how are you getting on ?
36 ‘ He says he 's interested in building up a representative collection of primitive and tribal art , but when we tell him the best place to look is in his own back yard , as it were , he tells us he does n't want Abo art , ’ James said , trying unsuccessfully to pronounce the last two words of his sentence with what he imagined was an Australian accent .
37 Yeah , but when I took her the toilet she wanted to go toilet
38 He wondered whether he dared ring Victoria or Emma , but when he saw what the time was , he knew he could not .
39 That 's what I thought it was at first but when he said it the next time it sounded different , it was nymph , rag nymph , that 's what he called me .
40 ’ — but when he heard what the fees would be if he stayed he decided that he was hanged if he was going to spend all that money on being upset .
41 The advice sounded incomprehensible to her but when he handed her the phone receiver back , the car man said , ‘ OK , I 've got that .
42 She acknowledged this with a raised thumb , but when she showed me the assortment of charts on the bed-table pushed against the wall she gave a thumbs-down over his fluid-intake .
43 But as I handed him the money the room grew quiet again .
44 But as she reached him the vision shimmered and disappeared and she was alone , stumbling as she tried to find her way through the shadows of a forest , mist cloaking the branches of the trees .
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