Example sentences of "[pers pn] [modal v] just [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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31 I 'll just have a word with him , Chief Inspector .
32 I 'll just have a word with my chief accountant
33 Well I 'll just have a I 'll just have a couple of erm lamb sandwiches .
34 Yeah that 's I 'll just have a look on that check the label .
35 I 'll just have a look round there again Barry .
36 Ah yeah , I 'll just have a look for you .
37 I 'll just have a look
38 I 'll just have a look at these shirts up here no , they 're nice Bev
39 I 'll just have a look through what you 've been doing
40 I 'll just have a spot can I ?
41 I 'll just have a yogurt .
42 Let me have , just give me a — I think I 'll just have a handjob . "
43 Oh I 'll just have a walk up I think .
44 Yeah , yes I 'll just have a piece of fish and you can have fish and chips , we wo n't have time to cook anything will we ?
45 I 'll just have a sandwich
46 I 'll just have a cup of coffee … ’
47 No , I 'll just have a cup of tea thanks , well I just turned away , you know
48 I 'll just have a mosey round front-of-house and see what 's going on , ’ she told Jack .
49 I 'll just have a shot at pencilling that in .
50 I 'll just add a bit to 's report .
51 Chairman I I wonder whether I could just make a sort of general statement from the department 's view before we go on to a particular issue if I may .
52 If I could just make a point about affordable housing chairman , of course the department recognizes that there is a problem of affordable housing as evidenced by minister 's statements but the view of my policy colleagues in headquarters is that this is most appropriately addresses in district wide plans and not necessarily at structure plan level .
53 ‘ Cypress Hill are smoking funk , and they 've rolled it into a fat album featuring ‘ How I Could Just Kill A Man ’ and ‘ Hand On The Pump ’ .
54 I could , I could , I could just chuck a saucepan here could n't I ?
55 Ah went in to where John were working cos I wanted to borrow a spanner , he said I could just murder a cig and his , his mate said ah I could as well .
56 If I could just get a role doing some of the falls in the action replays , say , I could save him from horrible injury , or at least the odd booking .
57 The room was thick with smoke and I could just see a cot , but it was empty .
58 I wonder if I could just take a step back in conclusion and ask you a couple of rather broader questions , more general questions .
59 Beneath their shirts I could just catch a glimpse of the tassels of their tsitses or religious bibs .
60 Well I thought I 'd just do a freezer shop anyway — just the basics basically plus one or two Little Extras , just the odd thing Derek likes , just in case …
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