Example sentences of "[art] [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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31 In October of that year , Hickson and Jacques joined forces and met the Director of Education over the possibility of a combined approach to the development of adult education which would reflect the recommendations of Circular 1444 .
32 Success in the Persian wars and the establishment of control over the Thracian mines brought further enrichment to the treasuries .
33 They range in size from microscopic flatworms to the giant squid and by the process of evolution over the past hundreds of millions of years , have adapted an amazing variety of different ways of perpetuating their own kind .
34 But the process of negotiation over the conflict around Kampuchea will keep the broader notion of neutralisation on the Southeast Asian agenda .
35 In the UK the process of privatization over the past nine years has moved utilities from public to private ownership , again under a regime of regulation ( Vickers and Yarrow , 1988 ) .
36 We are , therefore , solely concerned with nine papal letters contaminated to a greater or lesser extent , predominantly with a view to providing explicit papal authority for the primacy of Canterbury over the whole area of Britain .
37 Post-innovation performance of UK firms : an analysis of the distribution of benefits over the innovation cycle
38 The idea of the continuity of sites over the generations is easier to accept for , if markers of some sort had been laid down , they might well have survived , even if their form had changed over time .
39 ‘ The convulsion of war has opened our eyes to many strange things ’ , he wrote in 1919 , ‘ Few of us had realised till war had exposed it how thin is the veneer of civilisation over the underlying animal proclivities … the failure of religion to direct , and education to balance , the actions of men . ’
40 It is rather connected with the sort of conversation over the bar the other night .
41 THE war of words over the £4.5m repair bill for a crumbling leisure centre is set to end in court action in the next few weeks .
42 THE WAR of words over the John Birt affair intensified yesterday when the former managing director of the BBC , Bill Cotton , criticised six senior journalists within the corporation for writing to the Times backing Mr Birt .
43 It swung open at his touch but closing it , as always , was more difficult and he lugged and half lifted it into place and slipped the circle of wire over the gatepost with a familiar sensation of having turned his back on the workaday world and entered country which , no matter how frequent his visits , would always be alien territory .
44 The second most important power which came with the ownership of the Golden Share was the right of veto over the hiring and firing of the editor .
45 Where an innkeeper exercises the right of lien over the property of a guest , the innkeeper owes to the guest whose property the innkeeper is retaining a duty to take reasonable care of the property in question .
46 So far as Canterbury was concerned , the right of primacy over the whole of the British Isles was the greatest of all such gifts .
47 He stated that the British were not persuaded by the move for major changes in the institutional balance within the Community and ruled out the proposals for giving the European Parliament the right of co-decision over the Council of Ministers on legislative matters .
48 the introduction of new semi-automatic machines … the increasing use of unskilled and semi-skilled labour in trades hitherto the exclusive preserve of the skilled man … the adaptation of a rudimentary system of standardised and interchangeable parts … the predominance of factory over the workshop as the unit of production … the introduction of aspects of Taylorism , particularly the premium-bonus system ’ .
49 The record of capitalism over the past 200 years in transforming the standard of living of the Western world is remarkable .
50 There is no doubt that Greenpeace direct actions have changed the face of environmentalism and the meaning of conservation over the past few years .
51 It is intriguing , however , to find , in the appendix , evidence from Parkes ' study that the group of widows over the age of 65 showed a much smaller increase in sedative consumption after bereavement than those under 65 years old .
52 John Farrant will be talking about the development of Brighton over the past three hundred years and how patterns of trade and commerce have tended to repeat themselves .
53 If we look at the development of computers over the past 30 years we see accelerated change of a phenomenal nature .
54 Sometimes a real sense of space is achieved , as on the second-millennium stele of Naramsin , where figures move up and down a tree clad hill under the stars ; but in general it seems no more than an alternative convention for the organisation of narrative over the surface .
55 His recital of the history of the archbishops ' exercise of authority over the whole of Britain over the centuries is punctuated by quotations from Gregory , proclaiming the claims of antiquity as a model for future conduct .
56 This both ignores major changes in the definition of unemployment over the period covered by Table 4.1 and compounds residential-based information ( unemployment ) with workplace-based information ( employment ) .
57 Because expensive capital equipment and the attainment of a rapid through-put of production were central to this development , ‘ the craft skill and judgement of the workers had to be as much as possible superseded , as did the control of workers over the pace of work ’ ( Lazonick , 1983 , p. 112 ) .
58 Some writers have attempted to draw up some general guidelines which relate the weeding of research material to the concept of obsolescence — the diminution in the use of literature over the course of time .
59 The high seroprevalence of toxoplasma IgG among women born in Ireland compared with British born women may reflect differences in the consumption of undercooked meat or unpasteurised milk or in the use of freezers over the past 30–40 years .
60 With characteristic modesty she added : ‘ I felt that the award was a tribute to the teamwork of others over the years . ’
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