Example sentences of "[noun sg] is [v-ing] all the time " in BNC.

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1 His fan club is growing all the time .
2 The third is to recognise that the labour force is changing all the time and therefore different patterns of working can be gradually introduced .
3 ‘ By televising it we are showing that the fight against crime is continuing all the time . ’
4 In the long run , this situation is bad for Britain 's industry , Maddock argues , because the technology gap is growing all the time between companies working on advanced defence electronics ( in which Britain leads the world ) and these struggling to retain some of the consumer electronics business .
5 Erm , one other thing that I want to make about erm , the victims , erm , I am very much er , involved with erm , victim support Wiltshire , and one of the problems with victim support Wiltshire is their work is increasing all the time because the crime rate goes up , and every time there is more crime there is more victims , but the , the Government has not yet said that they will put the money up that they erm , that they er , the grant up that they give to the victim support .
6 Spelling is changing all the time , but slowly .
7 In view of the fact that the need to prepare a conveyance is reducing all the time , we will not go into this in detail in this text .
8 I 've got a feeling that the Author is waiting all the time in that house in the woods for His own character to turn up . ’
9 But like the use of every fossil fuel there is some price to be paid at the tail pipe in pollution ( although diesel is improving all the time ) .
10 His body is moving all the time .
11 Jancey is talking all the time , like she 's coaxing a wounded dog .
12 ‘ The water is rising all the time and I would n't like to be around when it does overflow .
13 I am delighted to repeat that the number of women in the top grades of the civil service is improving all the time and they , of course , will be the permanent secretaries of the future .
14 Even indoors , the relative humidity is changing all the time , especially between night and day .
15 ‘ That I can not answer , although our knowledge is advancing all the time . ’
16 And the demand is growing all the time .
17 Commonly used for furniture units , panelling and partitions , the scope of mdf is increasing all the time , as moistureresistant , fire-resistant and exterior grades are coming on to the market , together with pre-finished d-i-y products such as skirtings , covings , architraves , mouldings and floor panels .
18 The museum 's collection is growing all the time — and during your visit you will see the finest of sporting art , and objects connected with the characters of the turf — whips , saddles , colours , fine trophies — all combining to tell the great story of British Horseracing .
19 Today there may be only 5,000 left , and the total is shrinking all the time .
20 Er now , on another topic , I will go back to the idea of regulation later , you 'll see that life expectancy is obviously important and er when you 're looking at retirement I mean it 's always been described as the longest holiday of your life and it certainly is that , and life expectancy is rising all the time , these figures have actually been superseded .
21 Which goes to show that Science is happening all the time .
22 It gives you access to over 4,000 cash machines throughout the United Kingdom … and the number is growing all the time .
23 That 's because Multipoint is part of the Link network , composed of thousands of cash machines at branches of other leading building societies and banks — and the number is growing all the time .
24 Already 10 farmers have established circuits like this and the number is growing all the time .
25 A few embittered investors would still remember defunct sharedealers such as : Buckingham Corporate , City Investment Centres and Ravendale Securities , Investors Discount Brokerage , Rayner Securities , Financial Management Services , Greenwood International , Hamilton Hogg , Strand House Securities , Sheridan Securities , London & Norwich Investment Services , Anderson Kimble … the list is growing all the time .
26 The adventurers now have four rounds to do something — and do n't forget , the bannister rail is biting all the time .
27 English is changing all the time .
28 Indeed , the link between word processors like First Word Plus and desktop publishing is strengthening all the time while stand-alone products become more and more limited .
29 In a recent letter to Dr Jeffrey , the association 's chairman , Electricity Association chief executive Roger Farrance , said ‘ The EEIBA only just manages to balance its books and its case load is increasing all the time .
30 We have been asked to give that up and to go over to the European Community system , with the European Court and majority voting — the shoe is pinching all the time .
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