Example sentences of "have been talking [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Following on from last month , It seems that GeoWorks has been talking to Casio and Tandy about putting its graphical front-end on hand-held computers , slated to compete with the so-far non-existent Apple Newton .
32 Childrens World marketing communications controller John Forester says he has been talking to agencies with the knowledge of the incumbent GGT and insists there is no review of the Sears-owned business .
33 She has been talking to the Seniors about working on Saturdays .
34 It started to get out of proportion in that he , Ray has been talking to him about the impact of the summer season in Scarborough in terms of how long it takes his staff to get from A to B.
35 DAVID WALMSLEY has been talking to Ulster 's faces of the future .
36 At present some think it weak-kneed through lack of characters but Brian , speaking to us in the Belfry , has been talking to possible sponsors .
37 Frank Strandli has been talking to Howard Wilkinson about his future at Elland Road .
38 ‘ I can see that your uncle has been talking to you about us , ’ Sophie said drily , ‘ but you do n't understand .
39 Neil MacDonald whose out from Oxford to visit Chile , has been talking to them and his reaction to their plight was direct .
40 Harriet Ryley has been talking to an organic farmer who believes in putting the environment before profits .
41 Rebecca Marston has been talking to Ken Schwarz , Director of Development at the company who 've published the figures on executives pay .
42 The Home Secretary has been talking to Peter Murphy about the siege and the efforts to end it .
43 Robin Powell has been talking to an Oxfordshire woman just elected , who takes a less optimistic view .
44 Just before the start of this extract , Brenda has been talking with her friends about an incident at a party .
45 Nick has been talking with manager Brian Horton and we 'll be bringing you that interview as soon as we can .
46 Nick Harris has been talking with the Oxford United manager , Brian Horton .
47 A thrill went through Alice , as when someone who has been talking for a lifetime about unicorns suddenly glimpses one .
48 The parachutist who crash-landed on a group of schoolchildren has been talking for the first time about what happened .
49 A man who suffered severe brain damage during an operation twenty six years ago has been talking for the first time about losing his fight for compensation .
50 Doubts have continually dogged the potential deal between the bank — set up in the capital over two years ago with £26 million of institutional backing as a building society acquisition operation — and the Heart of England with which it has been talking for almost two years .
51 Lone travellers , they 'd been talking at the bar , and Lily had said how much she enjoyed dancing .
52 The same Rory she 'd been talking to just before he and his wife Harriet died .
53 I told him I 'd been talking to Richie .
54 I mean , if you 'd been talking to him during the lesson he 'd say , well , if you want to talk about it , leave it till after the lesson .
55 They knew we 'd been talking to their pop idols and they just wanted to touch us .
56 A lot of them related to the data I 'd been passing but also he 'd want to know who I 'd been talking to .
57 The publican replied that he 'd been talking to his dog .
58 Leaving whoever it was he 'd been talking to , he started towards her .
59 For a long moment their glances clashed like swords , then there was a shout behind her , and she turned to see the two men he 'd been talking to and a short stout woman in a dark overall running towards them .
60 ‘ She was complaining at not being able to get through because my number was engaged and I said I 'd been talking to you .
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