Example sentences of "be [vb pp] all over " in BNC.

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1 Footsteps are heard all over the building causing surprise and apprehension and expectancy in those visitors who have heard about the phenomena but have n't experienced it .
2 The Museum , although having a modern exterior , was originally built around a Moorish bath-house Commemorative plaques of the Rock 's historical past have been posted all over the streets and buildings .
3 The identifying symbols had been placed all over her dress , and included one in an area which seemed anatomically surprising .
4 Dashing new treatments of the Savoy operas have been cheered all over Britain , and the company 's current tour has seen an even greater departure from tradition .
5 Table 7 gives some idea of the many Friesian derivatives which have since been developed all over the world .
6 Counties are designated all over the south .
7 Families are like constellations of stars : we see each one as an entity , because they make some recognisable design , yet the individual stars are scattered all over the universe , apart .
8 The teaching faculties and administrative offices are scattered all over the city but , forming a wonderful backdrop to King 's Parade , stands the Senate House .
9 The first 20 live closest to the hospital that is to do the transplant , the next 20 are somewhat further afield and the remainder are scattered all over the country .
10 In more recent times , the present owners turned the old peasants ' houses , which are scattered all over the estate , into pleasant apartments .
11 Since their receptive fields are scattered all over the visual field the rabbit 's brain is kept well-informed about movements all around it .
12 Only problems were that one of them had had been snapped off at the legs and been reglued direct to the base , presumably in an effort to replicate Bremner 's short stature , and also in an effort to simulate Albert Johanneson ( or was it Gerry ? ? ) brown paint had been splurged all over one player , rendering his kit a mucky pink .
13 oh , right oh then , she said it 's been done all over the country
14 Bottle bins and cages for newspapers and cardboard have been positioned all over the centre and the scheme will be inaugurated at 2pm on June 17 .
15 His drawings and paintings have been exhibited all over the world .
16 It reveals all that has been said in the many policy launches and the speeches that have been made all over the country .
17 And th th th they 're known all over the world .
18 They 're spread all over the country , which is why I have to travel so much and why the Consulate had difficulty tracing me . ’
19 ‘ They are used all over the school . ’
20 In the last 21 years the British state has developed a range of counter-insurgency techniques which have been exported all over the world : ‘ special units ’ such as the SAS , sectarian shoot-to-kill squads , political laws , special courts , media censorship and new styles of torture which leave no mark .
21 Over the last year thousands of films have been produced all over the world .
22 His photographs of both Irish and international artists have been used all over the world , in books , newspapers , magazines , tour programmes , films , advertisements and on record sleeves .
23 His work has been sold all over the world and he recently held a successful one-man exhibition in Paris .
24 These circumstances are mirrored all over the country and are linked with the lack of a firm policy framework at school , local authority and national level .
25 Based on original sheep shears , 82 different models are exported all over the world .
26 At midnight the church bells are sounded all over the city and the sky is full of all varieties of fireworks .
27 Within the sludge there is a clear black horizon , only an inch or so thick , which has now been recognised all over southern Britain .
28 It took him nearly an hour to assemble the rest of the stick who had been dragged all over the desert by their parachutes .
29 His predecessor in the position commented : " He 's been dragged all over the company .
30 Here the usual export formalities occur before the guitars are shipped all over the world .
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