Example sentences of "be said to [be] " in BNC.

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61 ‘ Protective factors ’ are said to be the explanation .
62 In fact , these are the only points that do not move with inversion ; they are said to be ‘ invariant under inversion ’ .
63 The nuclei of certain atoms resemble tops in that they have an intrinsic angular momentum — or spin , such atoms are said to be polarised when they are all spinning in the same direction .
64 Teenagers are said to be especially sensitive to the financial implications and aware of their own lack of power in the matter .
65 Despite their vivid appearance when seen in bright sunlight on open grassland , the zebras are said to be well camouflaged in broken cover at dawn and dusk , when predators are active and the light is dim .
66 Subjective assessments are said to be less acceptable , but I offer mine , nevertheless , drawn from my own studies of the literature of the project ( including one evaluation so far completed ) , from talks with project workers and brief visits to schools .
67 They are communities in the sense that one has a sense of ‘ belonging ’ in them , and in the sense that Shetlanders belonging to each are said to be distinguishable by special characteristics in dialect or , less often ( and more humorously ) , by difference in mentality and general attitudes .
68 The stones at the Merry Maidens stone circle in Cornwall are said to be musicians who accelerated their pace until they became petrified with exhaustion .
69 It is a centre of pilgrimage , since the bones in the cathedral are said to be those of St. James , and the cathedral is a must , particularly the entrance from the Plaza del Obradoiro .
70 Remains of the chancel are said to be of the 12th century , and the tower was rebuilt in the 15th century and has three bells .
71 When sounds are said to be ‘ voiced ’ , they are produced with vibration .
72 These monsters are found only in New Jersey , USA , and are said to be the descendants of the illegitimate offspring of a woman named Mother Leeds .
73 Children of such a union are said to be born with webbed feet or scaly skin , although as with any fairy/mortal mating the child will be uncommonly gifted .
74 The gay love scenes were sensitively filmed , although the men had to wear boxer shorts for the US version as Americans are said to be touchy about testicles .
75 Maps have been drawn to illustrate just what organ is linked to which part of the sole but the soles are not the only areas used : there are said to be reflexes on the tops of the feet and a short way up the backs of the legs .
76 Eyes closed , the girls move in perfect synchronisation — even though they are said to be untrained in the intricate pattern of the dance .
77 Consider , for example , two of the conditions which are said to be necessary for Monitor use : time and focus on form .
78 If certain capital letters incorporate coloured drawings representing scenes in the text , they are said to be ‘ historiated ’ .
79 The footsteps are said to be those of an unfortunate platelayer who was killed shortly after the introduction of the electric trains .
80 In America the belligerent are said to be ‘ on the prod ’ , a reference to the cowboy employed in the stockyards to move cattle along with a pole tipped by a metal goad .
81 And , however badly Ratner appears to have screwed up the company 's finances — and public image — some people are said to be still willing to give him financial support .
82 Advance orders are said to be pouring in for the LP Portrait and single Blue Days .
83 It is interesting that women are said to be conservative only at times and in places where this trait is not valued .
84 I have not tried the Nitragon myself but they are said to be very good .
85 Evenings in the Jones household are said to be a nightmare .
86 They are said to be ‘ very fond ’ of him .
87 But corporation bosses are said to be privately seething .
88 Promoters , The Mean Fiddler Group , are said to be seeking compensation for non-fulfilment of his contract as well as a separate settlement for bringing their organisation into disrepute .
89 The ridge walks are said to be second only to those of the Cuillin in Skye in terms of drama and scenery .
90 ‘ Tin Can Island ’ proclaim the postage stamps , and old ones are said to be almost as sought after as British Guiana Triangulars or Penny Blacks .
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