Example sentences of "be said to [be] " in BNC.

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31 China 's own demands are said to be precise .
32 His White House advisers are said to be worried that the Energy Department is still too keen on conservation and regulation .
33 Further west , nitrogens in the few crops of Puffin barley so far harvested are said to be on the low side .
34 Outputs are said to be up to 1 million litres ( 200,000gal ) /day .
35 Not surprising , then , that Soho 's fire-fighters are said to be the busiest in the world .
36 They are said to be his own work , although the truth is that he probably has the final say .
37 At Augusta , more than at almost any other golf course , disaster stalks the champions , particularly on the greens — which are said to be in fine , fiery form this year .
38 The so-called chiral drugs ( from chiros — the Greek word for hands ) made with these molecules are said to be safer and more effective .
39 Bosch , with total sales of £12 billion last year , has 40 p.c. of the German market for wall-hung boilers and its products , some of which Worcester will make in Britain , are said to be complementary .
40 They are said to be very fast over the first 40 yards , and the advice offered by the locals is that you should run on a zig-zag course if one of them takes a fancy to you .
41 If ever they lose the ability to scavenge energy , and put it to use in repairing their own fabric , then they are said to be dead ; and they begin immediately to fall apart .
42 In general , materials that are carbon-based are said to be organic .
43 Moreover these gods are said to be more part of the world 's spiritual furniture than transcendent of it — perhaps more like the saints in Catholic tradition .
44 As one might expect , West Germany has inherited the ability to maintain vast dossiers on people within its borders and , bearing in mind that some 8,000 spies working for East Germany and Russia are said to be operating in West Germany , there is certainly plenty for them to do .
45 In some cases where peasant movements have taken place , they are said to be clientelist-based .
46 In this book authorities are said to be limited also by the kinds of reasons on which they may or may not rely in making decisions and issuing directives , and by the kind of reasons their decisions can pre-empt .
47 Those jellies whose natural frequency matches the frequency of the shakes will oscillate with the greatest amplitude — the two frequencies are said to be ‘ in resonance ’ .
48 Such rocks are said to be permeable ; sandstones and gravels are good examples of permeable rocks .
49 Both the gardens and the castle are said to be undermined with escape tunnels built during the years of Communism .
50 The colours used on the façade of the palace are said to be the same as those originally used .
51 An 1801 description criticised , ‘ Though the corporation are said to be enriched by the produce of the ferry over the Tamar , the privilege of dragging the oysters , the anchorage and clearance of foreign vessels etc , yet the town presents but a poor appearance ’ .
52 church in the Strand , so named because various Danish Kings are said to be buried there .
53 Facilities such as schools and health posts have been built in most such villages , but are said to be poorly stocked and staffed .
54 Each object is said to possess , or be part of the Akasha , which to some is a universal ‘ ether ’ in which the world 's events are said to be recorded .
55 Some claim to extrude ectoplasm , the substance out of which spirits are said to be made .
56 Both of these words which are said to be inadequate fail to satisfy one or other of the criteria outlined for a wording to establish a trust .
57 Natural products are said to be
58 The differences in organisation are said to be due to innate ability , and the kind of experience received .
59 THE BRITISH are said to be fascinated by the weather and talk of little else when the talk is small .
60 The research and development costs of these drugs are said to be close to £10-£15 million .
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