Example sentences of "be assumed to be " in BNC.

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1 ‘ In this department , you 're assumed to be drunk until proven otherwise , ’ said Keith Little , head of Accident and Emergency .
2 He bethought himself guiltily of Sergeant Crane , who might be assumed to be waiting to continue the conversation that Francesca 's call had interrupted , and padded down the corridor .
3 Since the identity of one 's sexual partner may be assumed to be of fundamental significance , it is surely unjustified to give effect to this only where the mistake concerns whether the man is the woman 's husband ?
4 On this single trial the α-value of the target must be assumed to be at the ( low ) level produced by pre-exposure — however rapidly α tends to change in a new context , the change will require at least one trial to occur .
5 Simple pre-exposure may be assumed to be an effective method for reducing associability because it allows the rapid formation either of a strong stimulus — no event association or of associations among stimulus elements , just as consistent reinforcement allows the rapid formation of a strong CS-US association .
6 Donaldson may be assumed to be referring to the Duke of Hamilton 's mausoleum at Hamilton Palace which Bryce executed after Burn had departed for London .
7 It is also the case that people 's sex can not be held to be an effect of their job or their work record ; sex must be assumed to be causally prior to both of these variables .
8 Burrough ( 1986 ) suggests that the area of the map covered by lines can be assumed to be an area of uncertainty .
9 This means that prices and wages may be assumed to be fixed in the short-run .
10 Your salary is £8,250 exclusive of live-in benefits , which may be assumed to be equivalent to a further 20 per cent .
11 All rates of pay quoted can be assumed to be gross , i.e. inclusive of employer 's contributions etc .
12 Power costs may be assumed to be 5.5p per kw/hr .
13 Normal van operating costs ( i.e. insurance , licence and servicing ) can be assumed to be c .
14 The approximate savings per unit can be assumed to be 1 chef at £6,000 per annum per unit .
15 This would enhance the authority of international law because of the inherent and self-evidently moral qualities of such an impartial legal process ; the ‘ bindingness ’ of international law would be increased because the aims of the enterprise — the peaceful resolution of international conflicts — would be assumed to be universally desirable .
16 The planetary guard of a godling despot must be assumed to be numerous and very well armed — though how well experienced ?
17 In poetry this minimum may always be assumed to be present but that is not true of the making of images .
18 It would be unduly optimistic to assume that management skills have risen to a level such that costs undertaken can be assumed to be equivalent to value .
19 If women are to be a good test of male-oriented psychological theories , as egalitarian feminist psychology hopes , they must be assumed to be a largely homogeneous population .
20 Even if working-class crime is promoted by the same features of capitalism as produce socialist consciousness this is no basis for automatically equating them : working-class crime may express purely personal goals or , if there are some wider underlying objectives , they can not necessarily be assumed to be socialist ones .
21 Whether this is the case or not , even the more special crimes such as this one can not automatically be assumed to be outside the scope of the postclassical perspective .
22 Subroutines are usually written to be " transparent " to the calling routine ; that is , the processor registers such as accumulators and condition codes can be assumed to be unaltered by the subroutine call , unless they are explicitly part of the subroutine linkage .
23 Whether skilled or unskilled , the vast majority of fathers of brides in the sample were engaged in manual trades ( 110 of the 161 ) , and most of them could safely be assumed to be skilled workers .
24 New information is forced to the front as though it were given information , suggesting that a famous writer can always be assumed to be energetic and successful at school .
25 When a sender judges her receiver 's schema to correspond to a significant degree with her own , she need only mention features which are not contained in it ( the time of getting up and what she had for breakfast , for example ) ; other features ( like getting out of bed and getting dressed ) will be assumed to be present by default , unless we are told otherwise .
26 This comfort assumes that the identities , which can be so effortlessly , even unconsciously , adopted in listening to a speech , are not in serious conflict : the categories of ‘ Conservative ’ , ‘ British ’ , ‘ right-thinking ’ all overlap and , in fact , without reflection might be assumed to be virtually synonymous .
27 The difference between the two types of selection may be assumed to be of psycholinguistic importance .
28 Although this proposition is wide enough to cover payment made in response to an illegal demand it was stated in the context of a court order of which the compulsitor must be assumed to be very much stronger than that of a mere demand which has yet to be enforced .
29 in its statement of claim must be assumed to be correct .
30 The copper can be assumed to be uniformly distributed across the section but it only occupies a fraction unc of the space available ; the current density in the copper is to be J.
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