Example sentences of "want be for " in BNC.

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31 All I would want is for you to make the journey into the burning , and then come back and report .
32 The last thing the family would want is for there to be any public disturbance . ’
33 At this stage Hitler 's plans were still fluid , but the last thing he wanted was for the useful Danzig problem to be solved .
34 The last thing I wanted was for some motorist to hit one of my owls just when it was establishing itself .
35 The last thing she wanted was for Tom to take her under his wing , to regard her in some sense as his find and his property , but that was what was happening .
36 This father insisted that all they wanted was for their children to receive a schooling based on English traditions and values .
37 The last thing they wanted was for the Americans to know they were about to learn their secrets .
38 And you kept trying all those complicated ways of pleasing me , but all I wanted was for you just to want me . ’
39 All she wanted was for him to leave and take his tantalising , lying promises away with him .
40 I finally said the only thing I damn well wanted was for them to leave so I could get to the hospital .
41 Feeling a twinge of guilt because she 'd inadvertently brought it all up when all they wanted was for it to remain buried , and pushing aside for the moment the whys and wherefores of her grandfather 's involvement , Ellie apologised quietly , ‘ I 'm sorry .
42 All he wanted was for him to put out the cigarette ; he knew he would just go on suffering the strangled air .
43 The last thing she wanted was for the local press to find out that she had a personal interest in finding Angy 's killer .
44 All they wanted was for him to sit still as a stone — to be a piece of scenery , a decoration like one of the stone angels he had watched the Mason carve , up in the roofs of churches .
45 What Harry Truman wanted was for Douglas MacArthur to behave himself , he wanted Douglas MacArthur to stop giving impromptu press conferences , he wanted him to stop inventing strategy as he went without reference to the president , he simply wanted to restore the chain of command .
46 Frankly , the last thing she wanted was for him to come too close .
47 In that instant all she wanted was for him to take her in his arms again ; to know the sweet pressure of his mouth on hers and to feel once more the way her body had come alive beneath his hands .
48 The last thing she wanted was for him to know just how badly his words had affected her .
49 Deal or no mysterious deal , now that it had been established that he had not tracked her down all she wanted was for him to go .
50 Now all she wanted was for him to go , so she could sit down and think it over .
51 Now all I wanted was for James to ask me out and I would 've when out with him you know .
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