Example sentences of "just [that] i " in BNC.

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61 ‘ It 's not that there are two Nigel Mansells , it 's just that I know when to compete and when to relax .
62 I do n't mean I should n't — no , I 've got lots of reasons now — it 's just that I 'm uncomfortable with it .
63 It 's just that I 'm too involved in what 's happening to play games — at least , to play games with you .
64 ‘ It 's just that I thought you should n't be able to turn people out of places they 've lived in for years , it does n't make sense .
65 And she did n't really tell me , it was just that I guessed , I 'd seen them quite a few times , mooning about , and I asked her if she was going to marry him .
66 It 's just that I 'm going to send
67 I do n't know if it 's just that I 'm missing you …
68 It 's just that I have more and more good days .
69 It 's just that I seem to have got very bored with it .
70 " Just that I know , dear — that 's all . "
71 I sent away and passed the exams and I became a policeman , but I always wanted to become a policeman when I , from about eighteen or nineteen it 's just that I drifted the wrong way .
72 ‘ It 's just that I like it here with you .
73 It 's just that I 've never seriously thought about it before .
74 I 'm not proud , it 's just that I want to be in the right place .
75 It 's just that I prefer the other rooms . ’
76 ‘ It 's just that I 'm so lonely , sir ! ’ said the child .
77 It 's just that I would n't consider it was right … fair … feeling as I do about … about another man . ’
78 ‘ It 's just that I do n't see that many people these days and when there 's company …
79 I just … . it 's just that I wanted to tell her how sorry I am about … about what happened to your father and brother but , not knowing her , I did n't want to say it in a way that might upset her .
80 it 's just that I 'm never gon na get to up to .
81 it 's just that I think that all happened with my electric going for running away .
82 It 's just that I I 'm quite sure that you need .
83 Yeah that 's it 's just that I want to clarify that .
84 ‘ It 's just that I was surprised that you should be doing something scientific like this .
85 Well , it 's just that I 'd heard … ’
86 It 's not the buying them that 's cunning , it 's just that I ca n't help being grateful ( I did n't actually say I was grateful , but I was n't sharp ) , it 's that he presents them so humbly , with such an air of please-don't-thank-me and I-deserve-it-all .
87 It 's just that I feel that colouring to cover the grey belies the steady progression of life and the honourable nature of growing older .
88 It 's not that I wo n't be prepared to face such conditions , it 's just that I realise what could happen .
89 The lyrics , 2 , are unmistakably Prince , all 2s and 4s and Us , with a sentiment similar to Janet Jackson 's AIDS generation love song ‘ Let's Wait Awhile ’ — ‘ it 's just that I did n't think our first date should be in bed ’ .
90 It 's just that I ca n't help .
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