Example sentences of "just [that] i " in BNC.

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1 i wonder … what was I trying to prove ? just that I was not a sheep , waiting to be slaughtered , at their command .
2 It 's just that I could never remember it afterwards , and anyway everyone seemed to pronounce it differently .
3 It was n't that I was being purposely unfriendly , it was just that I had decided that my best chance of survival lay in my being as unobtrusive as possible .
4 I have this urge to snow you my childhood stamp collection , just that I do n't have one .
5 ‘ God forbid ! ’ said Dionne , ‘ just that I 'm living with a delinquent at the moment and it makes me feel mature .
6 I suppose I fancied him although I told myself that it was just that I felt sorry for him .
7 It was just that I happened to ask at the right moment .
8 It is just that I want to be free . ’
9 ‘ It 's just that I might as well have stayed in the sitting-room , that 's all . ’
10 It 's just that I 've got this feeling about it all .
11 ‘ It is n't that he has totally gone away , it 's just that I ca n't see him as I used to . ’
12 Not that I want to look as if I shop at Next , or look cute , or anything , it 's just that I ca n't afford to dress the way I 'd like to .
13 It 's not that I 'm particularly unhappy with the shape of my body or with my image , it 's just that I worry all the time about what people think about me , what impression they are getting .
14 I was not supposed to clean there , it 's just that I love reading and sometimes I feel starved .
15 It 's just that I need , we all need , your co-operation if any kind of arrangement is to work out . ’
16 It is just that I do n't know what the man will do .
17 ‘ It 's just that I thought there might be something wrong … ’
18 It 's just that I got so involved with what was going on that I completely forgot !
19 It was just that I dislike going off half-cocked , talking too much about a project before I can see where it 's leading . ’
20 It 's just that I have to look after both of them ’
21 I 'm sorry I was so tiresomely upset just now , it 's just that I want to protect you . ’
22 It 's just that I am so evil and perverted and encrusted with slime that it 's rather difficult for me to remember the fact . ’
23 It was not just that I was alone in the middle of the enemy .
24 It 's just that I can see myself listening to the Brahms Quartets rather more often .
25 It 's just that I needed to get in touch with my feelings . ’
26 ‘ It 's just that I do n't like wasting my energy worrying about things I can do nothing about , ’ Sally said matter-of-factly .
27 It 's just that I have such happy pictures in my mind of those times that pipes will always have nice associations for me .
28 It was n't as though either of these men had led me to expect anything , gave me anything to hope for , it 's just that I really liked them , particularly the one I encountered later on .
29 ‘ It was just that I had other things on my mind .
30 ‘ It 's just that I have to think about my future right now .
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