Example sentences of "give [pers pn] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Cowboys may wear them out of necessity and convicts in the USA may have been given them as part of their uniform , but one thing 's for sure , whatever the reason , most people simply would n't live without them .
32 Eighth , they plant churches because ‘ God wants YWAM missionaries to build into local congregations the spiritual foundations ’ he has given them as a mission .
33 He warmed the pot , instinctively found the tea in the caddy Frances 's Auntie Pamela had given them as a wedding present , and brewed up .
34 She 'd given them as a wedding present , she said , and never seen them used .
35 After reports in the Washington Post that the ICRC and UN field workers had hired several thousand local " mercenaries " to protect food distribution operations , the ICRC on May 8 issued a statement to the effect that " local relief committees " organized by the clans and sub-clans were acting as a " police force " ; a small amount of the food aid was to be given them as " food for work " .
36 Why should the girls have to you know , lose their savings and money that money that people have given them as gifts just because , you know they do n't want to give out any money !
37 When you 've made your gifts to the various museums , you have given them with the stipulation that none of the works of art may ever be sold .
38 Most youths and even small boys wore a strip of hide around their wrists or ankles : this had been given them with appropriate blessing to bring them success when they became warriors .
39 Uncle Walter had given them to him , Philip .
40 But once I 'd given them to him I never saw them again so I imagine he must have burnt them .
41 I 've just given them to you as background , and because you 're lovely . ’
42 Some boy give me a single red rose and I 'd say , What you done with the other four , given them to your other girls ?
43 I 've given them to that solicitor that
44 He told her things she had not known about him — good things , acts of generosity — it came out that it was he who had got Simon on to my pictures , the Douanier and the Gris ; he had practically given them to him .
45 Er I 've done the slips and given them to Margaret to be .
46 After his death Mona had found the keys on the floor in the secretary 's room and given them to Maureen .
47 Maureen said : ‘ I did n't think about them again until that psychic woman asked for them , but it was only after I had given them to her I realized they were n't his at all .
48 His father would have given them to Oxfam , or to a jumble sale .
49 I had given them to Menna when he first left to take up his post .
50 ‘ I wanted to give them to his wife but she is n't here so I 've given them to him instead , ’ she said .
51 I get everything that 's going and now god 's given them to me .
52 He has already given them to us .
53 He 's given them to us that 's why !
54 Francis Carco , who was a friend who had bought Modigliani 's work before the crowd , also bought Modigliani 's paintings , but he was given them for what he himself described as a ridiculously cheap price .
55 That is what the Holy Spirit is given them for .
56 Because er , he he he had given them of of how he had become a Christian , he had become a minister of Jesus Christ and so on , he says , for this reason I suffer these things , but I am not ashamed , for I know whom I have believed .
57 There is a chief superintendent in RUC Headquarters whose sole responsibility is community relations , and no complaints were made about the level of managerial support given them by Easton 's senior officers , something unusual for ordinary policemen and women in the RUC , and particularly so compared to community policing sections in other forces ( Grimshaw and Jefferson 1987 ) .
58 In 1896 , for example , the year in which Radnor Park Congregational Chapel in Folkestone spent £7,000 and Albion Church in Ashton-under-Lyne spent £50,000 on new buildings , Congregationalists at Rothbury in Northumberland built a new chapel for £1,400 but they were fortunate in having the land given them by Lord Armstrong , the arms magnate .
59 The desired religion therefore , must be acceptable , on the one hand to those who follow it because their belief is founded on logic-induced conviction , and on the other hand to those who come to believe , because tentative faith has been given them by others and who have reached conviction through experience .
60 Chrissie admits that these came from the store restaurant 's stocks , but claims that she was given them by Fred , the chef , in return for her helping out over her lunch break in the kitchen , which was short handed .
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