Example sentences of "know for [noun] " in BNC.

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31 You know for people on low incomes , how can they cope with
32 said to me about Pauline 's kids her three lads , not the baby like the two lads she said , oh she said er they came to play one night , or they came for tea or something and she goes to work at night you know , she said Paul was looking after them and she said , he said you could hear all this banging up and down the stairs , he said , bloody hell he said they were going mad , and I thought that 's what Tom and Hannah do when they come here , I said your two bang up and down like bloody anything I said that 's normal , you know for kids .
33 Such autoregulatory pathways are known for Drosophila segmentation genes .
34 The Shaw neighbourhood is known for drug-trafficking and prostitution .
35 It was also during this period that we had the strangest set of photographs taken of us , by Peter Christopherson who worked for a design company , Hipgnosis — whose offices were at the back of our Denmark Street HQ — and who later joined Throbbing Gristle , a band best known for tabloid spreads on their occult practices .
36 It has been known for caterers to come in at 8am , turn all the ovens on and not use them for three hours . ’
37 This is well known for metabisulphites and sulphur dioxide ( see p 291 ) .
38 The federal government on Sept. 9 dismissed Peter Uhl , director-general of the Czechoslovak press agency CSTK and known for leftist views ; his replacement , Tomas Kopriva , was a deputy in Klaus 's Civic Democratic Party ( ODS ) .
39 I will ask him some time what prompted his winning play but it has been known for players to forget matters like that after a week 's hard work .
40 Both of them were already known for silences .
41 A rather less celebrated thespian , Miss Liz Lynne , 43 , best known for voice-overs and her work as Mr Ashdown 's voice trainer , follows Sir Cyril Smith into Parliament for Rochdale .
42 Klein ( 1975a ) has described fossilized carnivore burrows from South Africa , and fossilized rodent burrows are known for hamsters ( Szafer , 1957 ) and pocket mice ( Voorhies , 1974 ) , but in general such discoveries are rare .
43 This tradition happily has been continued by his successors whose duties have included presiding at the Annual General Meeting , an unpredictable , lively affair where it has been known for election to the Board to be determined by the toss of a coin !
44 Then there is the matter of the French Cheddar ( not to be confused with an unidentified English cheese known for generations to the French public as Chester ) now being made down at Castres in the Tarn department of the Languedoc .
45 Straight humeral shaft and convex deltoid plane : not known for Graecopithecus but present in Dryopithecus .
46 Six years ago he met his wife , English actress Victoria Tennant , best known for Winds of War with Robert Mitchum , when they co-starred in the film All Of Me .
47 Outside Italy he was best known for La Maniera italiana ( 1962 ) and I Bamboccianti ( 1983 ) .
48 The action , brought by Australia 's third largest bank , comes at the end of a year during which Mr Bond — best known for brewing Castlemaine XXXX lager and his 1985 triumph in the America 's Cup yacht challenge — has fought a desperate battle to keep his creditors at bay .
49 ‘ I 've known for ages there was something going on .
50 That was an intervention from her conscience but she had never been known for obstinacy in the past , and it was puzzling to account , really , for her awkward persistence about Grace .
51 This is well known for predators ( especially birds ) which form a searching image ; see , for example , Cooper ( 1984 ) .
52 He was America 's most prominent conductor and known for compositions from symphonies to musicals ; his most famous was West Side Story .
53 Although the existence of nitrate pollution and its health implications had been known for decades , in the UK it was not thought to be much of a problem until 1984 .
54 Geologists have known for decades about ‘ natural fission reactors ’ in very ancient rocks at Oklo in Gabon , West Africa .
55 This is well known for oxygen , and can be due to a specific cellular orientation , and a spatial orientation of connective tissue of glycoproteins , collagen and other biopolymers .
56 He says that it has been known for drugs to be smuggled in large packages .
57 It has been known for developers to move in virtually overnight to demolish a building once they find out attempts are being made to list it .
58 When driving with the rear doors open , as is necessary on warm days to provide ventilation , exhaust fumes escape into the vehicle , making the journey for those in the back even more uncomfortable ; and it has been known for policemen in the back to fall out of the vehicle .
59 They 'd known for weeks and stayed by me , anxious when I was out of sight , whining in the daytime when they never used to .
60 They must have known for weeks .
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