Example sentences of "do not [vb infin] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
31 I think that we should accept th that this island in which we live is in effect becoming smaller day-by-day , as it is becoming more and more open er we should accept that its population is becoming perhaps with the assistance of a little advice from myself from time-to-time , rather more mobile than it used to be and I must say that we should I think all accept and I 'm sure we do that criminals do not have any particular respect for local authority boundaries er indeed the existence of the motorway system er despite the M25 does encourage mobility of crime and criminals to a very great extent .
32 Please contact Hilary if you can help and do not worry if you only have one to offer .
33 " Whatever you do do not let them take the book back without admitting that your name is in it . "
34 The database packages themselves , available on 5.25 or 3.5 inch disks , are simple to use and do not require staff training .
35 Secret organisations in competition with other secret organisations require time to grow and do not emerge with countrywide capabilities .
36 ‘ They do not visit and do not know their neighbours .
37 Often people who share your compartment wish to relax and do not wish to indulge in polite conversation , they may just want to read a newspaper or magazine so we must respect their wishes .
38 What the layman is supposed to do the authors do not wish to contemplate . ’
39 I enclose a Statement showing the approximate sums involved in connection with your purchase but you will appreciate that these to do not take into account any apportionment of general and water rates .
40 But that rescue mission had been stopped dead by the presence of the twenty thousand Frenchmen encamped in Frasnes who had been sent by the Emperor to make sure that the allied armies did not combine .
41 Lloyd George disarmed his opponents on Ireland with his Russian policy , and his opponents on Russia with his Irish policy , and they did not combine to oppose him .
42 In common with most bishops in the thirteenth century , especially those with university training , he did not combine his ecclesiastical duties with a high office of state .
43 What would our trade be , if we did not combine together ?
44 Some later Acts , such as that of 1853 disafforesting Wychwood Forest , did not extinguish common rights : common fields were to be set and cleared in each parish in compensation for the common rights which the forest inhabitants had previously enjoyed over the whole forest waste .
45 Trilateralism was certainly an effective antidote to isolationism , even if it did not extinguish the assertiveness shown by the Lord Chancellor 's Department in securing a faster growth in the rate of expenditure on the courts and legal aid than did the Home Office on the police and prisons .
46 Their direct-action tactics did not aim at involving large numbers of people in militant action ; they were propaganda stunts designed to attract an audience .
47 I did not aim at making my style ‘ Italian Gothic ’ my ideas ran much more upon the French to which for some years I had devoted my chief study .
48 While the more broadly based Architects and Antiquaries Club , founded in 1819 , while attempting to be an academic institution , did not aim to answer the growing need for a professional association .
49 The college authorities did not aim solely or mainly for brilliant scholars or outstanding athletes , but to develop and train those who were capable of a good pass or honours degree .
50 The political press , directed as it was to a small , literate and politically informed public , did not aim to capture its readers with an entertaining and interesting package .
51 It did not aim for the situation that we 've been discussing , where people are trying to get the information .
52 This was a novel requirement and appeared inconsistent with the decision of the Lords in Newbury , where the defendants did not aim the stone , which killed the victim , at him .
53 Such an objective would be ill-founded if the process of integration did not aim also at the Community 's complete monetary integration which can only be achieved through the establishment of a European currency union .
54 She did not aim for sleep , though , but lay there for an age wanting some of her anger back .
55 It did not clarify who Neman Refat was .
56 A formal acknowledgement of the independence of Korea signified the end of Chinese domination there , but did not clarify Japan 's position in the country .
57 In a response to my hon. Friend the Member for Newham , North-West ( Mr. Banks ) on Thursday , the Prime Minister made it clear that he would not be supporting the Wild Mammals ( Protection ) Bill , which will come before the House on Friday , but did not clarify whether he is in favour of a ban on fox hunting .
58 They documented the transmission of P cepacia between 2 CF patients attending a summer educational programme , but did not clarify whether transmission had occurred by direct transfer of body fluids from one person to the other ( eg , droplet spread ) , or whether a contaminated fomite ( eg , a shared drinking container ) was responsible .
59 The first rehearsals of an opéra would often be chaos if his talents , or activity , did not clarify the performance .
60 When he was reviled , he did not revile in return ; When he suffered he did not threaten But trusted to him who judges justly .
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