Example sentences of "do was for " in BNC.

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1 So on 13 and 14 March the best that could be done was for him to give Harwell full details and let them get on with it themselves ( see Chapter 7 ) .
2 Everything he had done was for this final purpose , " that I might dwell among them " ( Exodus 29:43–46 ) .
3 Everything he had ever done was for the woman he could not forget .
4 ‘ The first day 's threshing I done was for a man by the name of Rogers , Harry Rogers .
5 The other bearers took the traditional view that the right thing to do was for Yussuf to get rid of her and find another one ; but for reasons known only to himself Yussuf was reluctant to do this .
6 Anythin' I ever did was for me family .
7 It was a tradition that avoided any real contemplation of the root causes of German unease ; their preference for ‘ action ’ , rested secure in the knowledge that everything they did was for the good of the nation , sanctioned by law and sanctioned by the German people .
8 But the last thing I did was for a guitar player in Nashville , Chip Young , who put together an album — which incidentally is getting released pretty soon — and he has ten tracks with ten different guests : local session players , myself , Chet 's on one , Grady Martin , Jerry Reed , Jerry Kennedy , Wayne Moss and various other guys , but I think guitar players out there will like it . ’
9 ‘ Everything they did was for their business .
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