Example sentences of "they [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 They 'll jet with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on their brand new flight from Heathrow to San Francisco , via Amsterdam , and stay for six nights at the Tuscan Inn , on the world-famous Fisherman 's Wharf , where they 'll enjoy FREE use of a Tropical USA Rent-A-Car .
32 see a vehicle that you you recognize is not off the patch , they 'll they 'll radio it through to the base , to our base .
33 They 'll radio all the police cars , ’ said Adam .
34 lots of mums will ask about their baby 's feet , do you think there 's anything wrong with this , and they 'll sort of be holding their feet sort of wiggling them around , doing this , that and the other
35 And you get the feeling that they 'll sort of go back to school and college or wherever
36 they 'll sort of give in to other temptations .
37 yeah so I said oh I see , so that was that , so I think they 've got a , a meeting in a couple of weeks and they 'll sort of tell her discreetly that she has to carry on and do it what she 's been the
38 Near Arken where they cross the border that 's about two hundred miles and then , you know , by the time they 've gone through er er , they 'll sort of be well down into erm sort of Stuttgart way I think that sort of area probably .
39 and and presumably even if they 're not floppy as a result of their illness they 'll they 'll sort of go floppy after er a period of institutionalisation yeah mhm yeah yeah mhm so er .
40 Yes , she made them for her teacher 's as well , they 'll chocolates .
41 They 'll hae some wark ere it 's mowed again !
42 Yeah , well we will do once we 'll get them to the height we want we 'll start trimming them and they 'll bush out a bit more , that 's not bad they 're about four , four or five foot now are n't they ?
43 This she protested against very strongly , on the ground that she had known many missed and some murdered who essayed to travel round that way in the night ; not that she thought such dark deeds as robbery would be perpetrated by any of the islanders , ‘ But you see , sir , the island is very near the sea , and all sorts of men are sailing round about , an ’ when they 've spent all their own earnings on drink , it 's hard to know what they 'll no' do to try and get more . ’
44 They 'll grass it this September — and down there- ’ she pointed to a wide area of churned up ground , where frozen water stood in ruts ’ — the adventure playground , with swings and slide and all that stuff , but a nice climbing frame and fort too .
45 I need to know that it 's necessary to remove all those trees I 've been told all sorts of things like they 're in pots and they 'll become pot bound they 're growing outwards they might fall down they might fracture mains they block off the er view of the church well I think they 're a nice asset in the city centre .
46 I think a lot of people are just , you know , I 'm not getting involved in them , they might belt me one , walk away , anyway you ca n't blame them , sad , people ca n't , people ca n't say it were you and your boy , you know , leave that , leave that alone or else I 'll go and get a policeman , the fear of them
47 ‘ I 'm a storyteller , and so I can show readers that people think in a certain way , and suggest to readers that under those circumstances they might thing in the same way .
48 They might hiv killed the snapper , ’ she said .
49 ‘ But they might hiv worn gloves . ’
50 Cos er they might sort of book them up ahead or something .
51 People with mental disorder can not act like consumers in the ordinary sense of the word because of the nature of their problems — they can not , for example , forsake the NHS for another service as they might McDonalds for Burger King — but we can , nevertheless , devise ways of listening to what they have to say and ensuring their voices are heard .
52 Otherwise they might pressure me all the time .
53 Or they could mill it by hand .
54 On their side the Turks taxed when they could areas which were formally outside their territory but which were accessible to the border-guards which they , like the Habsburgs , maintained all along this hazy frontier .
55 so they could mainline words .
56 These are not genetically the same as wild salmon , they breed and behave differently , and — the trust fears — they could outcompete and replace the native fish .
57 Before they could strap it up , it had vanished too .
58 After some weeks without Red Cross parcels , people began to arrive early at meals so that they could size up and take the largest of the scrupulously rationed helpings of potatoes , or the thickest of the apparently identical slices of bread .
59 BBC bosses ordered prostitutes out of a posh hotel — so they could film actresses playing hookers .
60 Also present at these meetings in various London clubs and restaurants were representatives from employers ' organizations , who recognized that to influence the Policy Unit was to influence the Prime Minister : if a minister proved unavailable , unsympathetic or intractable , they could outmanoeuvre him by enlisting Policy Unit support .
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