Example sentences of "that i [pron] " in BNC.

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31 So I hope I 've not complicated that I I always find it 's helpful to say this about this speaker this because no other speaker no speaker is here with a .
32 Poss possibly Roger that I I I 'm sure you 're probab I 'm sure you 're right Roger .
33 I am going to raise later a number of missing parts that I I .
34 And my instructions were that I I used to either let them have two thirds of that or a half , you see ?
35 And er what I see of the modern teacher I 'm probably looking out with three different eyes , they do n't seem to come up to the same standing as those men were , at all because one thing that I I remember very vividly about them all , and they were family men , what I call family men .
36 I find that I I I get on with coloureds anyway quite well .
37 It 's just that I I 'm quite sure that you need .
38 I never let nobody know that I I walked home .
39 They whether they 're going to do that I I I do n't really know yet , not really certain .
40 Just shoved them off , put them on the dole , and there was some young lads that I I was n't worried myself , cos I I 'm in my sixties , but there was lads there with mortgages and kids .
41 Now Britain is heading for a pre-Christmas Sunday shopping bonanza believe it or not now you heard it first here on this programme that I I predict that there will be completely deregulated Sunday trading before much long What ?
42 Yeah there 's there 's there 's a whole lot of others that were in me head that I I meant to write down before you came in .
43 Er as you 've already heard , the Greater York authority have cooperated for a number of years in bringing forward new settlement proposals but erm I have to say that I I do agree it would be helpful if the panel were able to make a strategic recommendation in favour of one particular local authority .
44 And and and and across the board there has been a cut of er , er of of of just below fifteen per cent , that that the that er er , our cut is forty five per cent , and and I mean , it er , it it it does er er create problems , there 's no doubt about it , and that I I got the letter from er which er , Rod instructed to come along to the department to me yesterday , in fact , I did refer very briefly to it , 'cos I 'm gon na just before the meeting that er er it it sets out saying that it was a very generous set settlement for ninety-three , ninety-four .
45 That I I 've seen that before between erm VAX systems and Silicon Graphics systems .
46 I I I have to say that I I I I 'm not enthusiastic about using this which is so obviously at a report in support of the particular locations , to look objectively at the criteria .
47 And you will recall that in relation to Policy H one that I I I submitted to table which is called from Selby District Council showing the extent of that coverage both not only national designation but also of local designation .
48 Now advertising strikes me as an area that I I feel I can put make some input into .
49 and it 's something that I I I like the idea of
50 to confirm that I I 've heard it somewhere I mean
51 The other thing that 's been done , erm , and has been ongoing now for some months without too much success , but things seem to be moving a little bit , at least we 're told they are , is that I I pressed for , not really a presentation but a technical meeting , I wanted to get there there product engineers
52 The the question mark I 've got is tha is that I I certainly accept that , it 's the it 's the question of the work being done at the appropriate level and the erm , the the fact that two sub teams are working without a complaint examiner , and , but I
53 The er the only figure that I I can find for commuting erm supplied by the County Council is in er table five of N Y six I think it is , N Y six , where the County Council give er at the bottom of that erm on the bottom line of that table , a figure for Richmondshire of er three point five percent .
54 Unlike Mr I have always found fox hunting distasteful , I have never participated in it , I have never followed it and I do n't think that I I ever want to and er , I have I am not convinced by either economic or the put forward in its favour .
55 The press release that I I put erm to the internationally known bearings company .
56 Yeah I mean this is this is erm more the sort of thing that I I had in mind .
57 Only , to say that I I I would be opposed because I believe you should delegate to committees to run their affairs and their resources in the way they want to .
58 Order , or or or order , order , the honourable lady would not expect me to comment on something that has been on television , er in something that I I have no er I I did n't even see last night , it 's up to the minister whether he wishes to come and make a statement it is really not at all a point of order for me .
59 Now I would be the first to admit that I I 'm not a judge as accountant , I 'm an insurance broker er and erm I do n't understand er and I 'm not aware of all of the rules and regulations that affect accountants er and affect the way audits are carried out , b but I must say I was a bit surprised t to hear during the debate , er that that was really what the problem was , the problem with B C C I was this conflict of interest , that fraud was known and it was not declared er and er I think that these er these regulations should now make that considerably er more clear .
60 Now , generally speaking wi I I I 've act what I 've done for the re-sit paper is that I I pooled a load of questions , some of which went to the first paper and some of which went to the ne and some of which went to the re-sit paper so I do n't know which topics are coming up erm on the re-sit paper .
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