Example sentences of "that give [pron] " in BNC.

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31 It is clearly seen in water and grass in the milking cows and in the cows that give us meat .
32 At this sort of pace we will start to lose the landmarks that give us our bearings .
33 I do n't know oh They 've been telly that Tom give us , that give us and then I did n't put on
34 Was it you that give us a card ?
35 In fact , Broderick seems to have shown a nicely calculated amount of daring in trying to pick roles that give his bland fresh-faced prettiness a spin .
36 It 's not just synthetic ingredients that give your skin a boost — many modern products now contain plant extracts which have been used for their stimulating and soothing properties for thousands of years
37 You can also choose sealed units that give your windows the small-paned Georgian look , or the appearance of leaded lights in square and diamond formats , with none of the cleaning problems — the glazing bars and lead strips are set in the gap between the outer panes ( as long as you do n't go for a large picture window with this effect — it can look just plain silly ! ) .
38 In this particular instance it is representational , as the ‘ performance mode ’ is , for the child is required to describe in action whatever the teacher suggests ( as in the example above , ‘ So you go to the bathroom and turn the doorknob ’ ) , but the ‘ exercise mode ’ has other characteristics that give it a special mental quality .
39 Britain has a massive advantage in natural resources that give it the potential to be at the forefront of renewable energy generation .
40 The leaves of this tree are rather common fossils , striped with longitudinal veins that give it a superficial resemblance to the leaf of an iris .
41 There are some special features about the Klasies River Mouth site , which this book draws attention to , that give it an important place on maps of the prehistoric world .
42 A combined series of moves that give it a keen cutting edge ; an experience to be remembered and savoured ; a problem that takes both skills and nerve to solve .
43 This area is the Coulin Forest , bounded by roads that give it detachment from other high ground , its mountains forming a compact group but individually having distinction of character and outline , some being of arresting appearance .
44 The coat is a yellowish grey with large , handsome grey blotches , the ‘ clouds ’ that give it its name .
45 I , I , I personally feel that give it to solicitor and let her deal with it , because
46 But you 'll start feeling better quite soon ; a more balanced diet , a little more activity , and a positive attitude are all things that give you a sense of well being and vitality .
47 I think more than anything I enjoy the freedom and there are two things in life that give you freedom .
48 What I think is happening , I find this interesting , people are rejecting the idea of the aesthetic , and I 'm not quite sure why ; I do n't know whether they think it 's elitist or whether they 've got no taste of their own , or what , I do n't know , but people read poems not as poems which convey aesthetic emotion , which is the way I tend to think about poems ultimately , but simply as ideological statements and political texts , or at least , things that give you some understanding of the way people thought or so on at the time … .
49 At the first sign of the emotional see-saw that life so often presents , you go scurrying off for the goodies that give you comfort .
50 So that give you any ideas about this .
51 The pages that give you expert advice , practical tips and the latest in children 's fashion and entertainment
52 A new bank account that give you independence and freedom to choose how to organise your money the way you want , when you want .
53 BeckerTools is a set of utilities that give you better or extra disk and file utilities under Windows .
54 The result is a database on which you can search for a favourite author or publisher , or search for packages that give you the required level of coverage of particular elements ( or units ) of competence .
55 It 's the simple things of life that give you most joy and delight .
56 This wo n't be necessary in the case of societies that give you one redemption figure applicable whenever the mortgage is redeemed during the month for which the figure is given .
57 Aboriginal communities have been so disenfranchised in the past that giving them a say in policies and decisions affecting them is seen as a key element in improving their health
58 Indeed , the Aboriginal communities have been so disenfranchised in the past that giving them a say in decisions and policies affecting them is seen as a key element in improving their health .
59 Most people had come to understand the danger posed by Hitler 's Germany ; but they decided to delude themselves into believing that giving him Austria and Czechoslovakia would buy him off .
60 In that giving she found completion and happiness beyond all expectation .
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