Example sentences of "he [verb] [verb] " in BNC.

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61 The feel of her body close to his in the carriage made him want to hold her , and he was tempted to cover her attractive though work-worn hand with his .
62 Her scarlet and green plaid outfit made him want to avert his eyes .
63 This , surely , would inflame Harry and make him want to make love to her .
64 Even thinking about their blotched yellow and black skins and their squidgy , floury middles made him want to throw up .
65 He felt inspected , plumbed , and like a moth in front of some anti-lighthouse , casting a shadow-beam , making him want to pull back , fly away from the intensity of those black , searching eyes .
66 Naught 's happened as 'ud make him want to help any white folk . ’
67 A terrible , furious , impotent anger filled him , making him want to strike out , to shout and scream .
68 And again there was that sickly sweet stench of cooked flesh which clogged his nostrils and made him want to vomit .
69 By now he was used to spending longer and longer periods alone , yet in that moment when she walked away he always experienced a brief sense of loss that made him want to rush after her and beg her not to go .
70 What he saw there , lying on top of them , made him want to cry out .
71 What had Julius seen in the nineteen-year-old girl she had been five years ago that had made him want to grab her and marry her , without even really knowing her ?
72 The powerful bike between his thighs , the beautiful morning and the prospect of a full week 's work ahead , all made him want to burst with joy .
73 But she did not wake and for a moment Henry was flooded by helpless rage , a feeling that made him want to run to the bedside table , snatch up Elinor 's nail scissors and twist them into her neck , this way and that , gouging out blood and veins .
74 ‘ He 's done more , seen more , to make him want to toss it all in than almost anybody his age .
75 John got him to sit facing backward in the saddle , resting the foot on the horse 's rump .
76 His top-storey apartment had a glass dome which allowed him to sit watching the falling stars .
77 Those who gossip about him tend to meet with nasty accidents . ’
78 When Adam was about eight his father had told him masturbating gave you scurvy .
79 Manoeuvres to block him failed to stop the Assembly endorsing his claim to form a government , and he went ahead on 23 June 1960 .
80 Indeed , an upbringing which gave Alexander II many qualifications for the tasks which confronted him failed to conceal the fact that he was not very gifted at all .
81 William Walker , an official from the State Department , remembered seeing him rush to catch a flight to Central America , having just got off a flight from Europe , unkempt , a flight-bag over his shoulder .
82 ‘ I 've sweated blood to get him to agree to see me at all .
83 Well , tell him it 's kind of him to agree to let me stay here , but I 'm turning down his invitation . ’
84 The meeting recommends the Committee respecting the Lint Miller " to meet with the Lint Miller , and to show him such Evidence as they can recover respecting the weight of fflax in other Countrys — and Endevour to get him to agree to dress & deliver fflax for the same payment and by the same weight , and to report to the next meeting . "
85 The impact as well as the shock of the bullet wound knocked him crashing face down to the ground , his legs all mixed up with the trolley 's wheels .
86 It made him laugh to see her standing there , shaking her fist at the departing van .
87 Section 320 Companies Act 1985 provides that if a director of a company or its parent or holding company , or a person connected with him , enters into a contract with the company , under which the director or person connected with him agrees to purchase the company or assets ( other than cash ) of the company exceeding a certain value , then the contract must be approved in a general meeting by ordinary resolution .
88 Last night heartbroken Sandy , who lived with Brian at Didsbury , Manchester , said : ‘ Everyone who knew him has lost a part of themselves through this tragedy .
89 And worst of all , for me , is that , instead of fizzling out , my love for him has grown .
90 ‘ Whatever chance I had of getting him has gone because of the incredible publicity .
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