Example sentences of "he [verb] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 'E 's got 'imself in a bit o' trouble , ’ she said in a whisper .
32 Mind you — - " she jerked her head in the direction of the Russell , which had recently returned from Plymouth and lay at anchor in the Pool , " 'E 's got a lot to answer for .
33 'E 's overworked it .
34 But once 'e 's come round we talk about the good old days , an' how they 're a complete blank .
35 ‘ E's my brother , miss , and 'e 's come to pay yer a visit , ’ I answered nervously .
36 " 'E don' give her much peace , do 'e ?
37 The dogs ' descendants were still with him , though rheumatism made it difficult for him to go scrambling over the fields at night with the powerful torch to blind the rabbits .
38 Though arrested in Denmark , Britain , France and Spain for narcotics and arms offences , al-Kassar had made himself too valuable an asset to European and American intelligence agencies for them to allow him to go to waste in prison , so that he went about his illegal business with a brazen assurance matched only among international criminals by his partner , Rifat Assad , younger brother of the Syrian president , who also owned a villa outside Marbella , and whose daughter , Raja , was al-Kassar 's mistress .
39 Pay for him to go to rehab .
40 And I convinced him to go to nurse , that 's why he was so long .
41 ‘ She knows we 're anxious to see him , and does n't expect him to go rushing off to see her the minute he arrives . ’
42 He was playing alone near his home when he was approached by the boys who wanted him to go shoplifting .
43 Of course it must be agony for him to go shopping for me ( what does he do at the chemist 's ? ) , so I suppose he prefers to get it all over in one go .
44 Told him to go to grey though , cos grey wo n't date , green will .
45 ‘ Well , say I then took Fiona off him and maybe I told him to go find himself another filly and the next thing was he got a pincer-hold on my ear and was bopping me one on the nose and there I was bleeding fit to fill the Frenchy furrows so naturally I gave him one back . ’
46 McNally alleged he was the victim of an unprovoked blow to the face which caused him to fall hitting his head on the floor .
47 The slow deliberacy with which the wife commences her reply , with not a hint of offence in her reaction but rather a hint of care in selecting the right mode of reply , emphasizes her willingness to converse on the topic : So does her subsequent appropriation of a rhetorical device , the occupatio , a statement emphasized by the speaker feigning unwillingness or lack of freedom to express it : The monk too takes a moment 's pause before replying : again seeming to digest the implications of the wife 's words , or ( and ? ) to express , silently but with an eloquent action , astonishment at the wife 's ready invitation to him to continue to converse on this topic .
48 She waited for him to continue speaking , but he simply studied her with a detached speculation that did nothing to soothe her ragged nerves .
49 This encourages him to continue unwinding his thread .
50 In 1986 , it was provided that an applicant should not be treated as having accommodation unless it was such that it would be reasonable for him to continue to occupy it .
51 Here it may be advisable to point out that we are not advising the rational man to be any more spontaneous than he already is , merely inviting him to continue reasoning about means , ends and principles as before , with his mind at rest about that little puzzle about passing from ‘ is ’ to ‘ ought ’ .
52 Gable refused to work further and Metro 's boy-wonder Irving Thalberg had to fly out to the location at Catalina to calm Gable down and persuade him to continue filming .
53 Perhaps his former master will allow him to continue to read his papers ; or he may be permitted to read the papers of another in his own chambers with whom he is on friendly terms .
54 Shall I to him make know as yet my change and give him to partake full happiness with me ?
55 It was now just light enough on the roof for him to see to load his pistols .
56 ‘ Who 'd get the blame , I ask you , if some young big-head like him got larking about in that lot , and the whole thing caved in and buried him alive ?
57 Whoever killed him got rid of his own clothes and put them on the body afterwards . ’
58 Merymose 's story had made him want to lose himself .
59 The sweat was gathering in his brows , getting ready to slide down his nose and make a dewdrop at the end which would either stay there wobbling about very obviously and making him want to sneeze , or force him to draw attention to it by wiping it away .
60 Anxiety makes him want to pee .
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