Example sentences of "i give him " in BNC.

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31 I give him three names — guys he will have heard of , who live around here .
32 And I give him the whole book what lists names and numbers and what not .
33 So I give him one here you are er I says you can have it .
34 I give him the thumbs-up sign and pointedly ignore him turning once more to the vigorous bucking of the waves .
35 I give him credit for that , although I can not give much credit to his policy of favouring a 50 per cent .
36 I give him and the whole House a full assurance that in the event of the introduction of executive detention , it would be carried out by Her Majesty 's Government in line with legislation passed by this House and retained by this Government on the statute book .
37 However , I give him notice that these are some of the questions that we shall be asking him , because they are very important indeed .
38 I give him that assurance .
39 I give him that absolute assurance .
40 I give him many . ’
41 I give him back the open paper .
42 A minute later I give him a smaller brown one back .
43 If I give him money he goes and spends it If I lend him the bike he loses it He 's completely unreliable
44 But he complains that I give him the impression that I am holding back and am not fully committed .
45 I give him the blackcurrant jam , I give Myrene the blackcurrant jam , jam to take home for him .
46 He wants a pound , I give him one .
47 And I give him three mo cos I 'd give him three months guarantee with that , I thought yes and I was standing there on the phone and I thought you dare come back !
48 That was one twenty five and I give him .
49 I give him two barm cakes and we had one each and before we 'd finished , started our second half of our one , he 'd ate the two , give him a custard and he 'd ate it
50 I give him the cherries and ate the cake myself .
51 I give him two and a half .
52 I give him it wit her , with dish .
53 No I give him this one , there you go
54 He he had he came in I give him a saucer of milk .
55 Somebody I , ones that I give him that I thought he
56 Oh yes , they were a bit pleased but straight away they started getting , you know Alex was getting tired so we were getting can I get it out , can I get this out , can I get that and it were half open and I was frightened of losing the bits so I gave him one and he said no he did n't want that one he wanted the other one , so I give him another one and then I nearly gave him a clout .
57 Okay , if I give him the turtle do you think he 'd
58 if I give him the turtle
59 Tha him , look how , look how he after mummy and I give him
60 I give him coffee .
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