Example sentences of "i give to " in BNC.

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31 I raised over £4OO in total , which I gave to Cancer Research and the Multiple Sclerosis Society . ’
32 The one I recorded for you I gave to your
33 I know that was you but y you do n't , I mean I remember u the fire we used to have here and it was n't till I gave it to a friend , I mean we kept here for a year alright , lucky enough , we did n't use it anyway I gave to a friend who doing car boot , I found it in the attic an he said to me Brenda , he said , did you ever use this fire ?
34 John wrote at length to Hanns about colour , shapes and general effect desirable , and asked him to ‘ do a few rough sketches and send them to me to give to Cecily ; number them so that I can just send you back a telegram saying ‘ Do number three ’ say , unless there is more to be said . ’
35 He stops short of handing it over himself , but gives it to me to give to her .
36 Er I did bring it with me to give to but obviously I 'll have to send it now .
37 And she says , soon as she gets the money she 's gon na give it to me to give to yous .
38 Tomorrow , are you going to give it to Mr or do you want to give it to me to give to him or whatever suits you
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