Example sentences of "i [vb mod] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 By the phone oh no it 's this round the erm on the table I might you change you ca n't go .
32 It seemed that all of the owners had taken the opportunity of visiting the horses while the train was standing still , and listen though I might I could hear no one else reporting trouble .
33 Gentlemen , I , I might I think we should add that the presumption for two accesses on the boundary against the land that is run .
34 Chairman , er if I might I was going to refer again to the care carefully worded recommendation which does n't actually mention the level of erm it simply mentions erm er a modest extent of under provision because clearly it says elsewhere in the report at two ten that it 's not yet known whether there will be opportunities elsewhere , so that 's a particular shortfall in provision to be made up .
35 No you did n't have you did n't have a finishing hand , you did n't really have a brilliant first two hands and then the pick of the one , two , three bouncer I might I might have been persuaded to play the one , two , three bouncer and hope that that got through but to finish with an ace flush but good .
36 Yeah cos I might I might not go up , you know , I see what Sheila says so
37 I think I might I think I might just tell her actually .
38 No , because I 'm frightened o I might I have n't done that .
39 Yeah I might , I mean I might I might go in the best ones I can get .
40 Yeah , I might I might have a wander o over there .
41 I mean I might I might do .
42 cos Kenneth come up early on , he says it 's like this night he says I 'm not properly , ah right , I says I might I says were that like , I says , I says what time ?
43 I might I do n't know .
44 Well yeah , I mean I might I can probably get more advice on the R A F or Army than , than the Navy .
45 So I think because I 'd done her class once before she thought I 'll her in again .
46 Erm I mean we we have some left but I mean they 're mainly empty which does n't matter a lot I mean I 'll them for next year .
47 Well I 'll them , the next time I 'll really tell them
48 Well , perhaps I 'll them later .
49 I do n't know whether I shall or not , but I 'll they 're completely full anyway .
50 Right , I 'll we 'll go out after dinner shall we ?
51 If I play my tape back I 'll me say that again .
52 Then she felt a hand on her elbow and the voice of Bishop Jon said , ‘ I 'll take-you . ’
53 It seems have done that John 's intent on making us a nation of master mariners and under these circumstances , I think I 'll adopt the old maritime adage , women and children first , so I 'll it back , John can show you how to rig one of these things , alright , come on .
54 If I find it I 'll it but I , I do n't know of any other recording .
55 Bored with it , so I 'll it out every day .
56 Now that policy and I think think I 'll it out , The proposals for industry and commerce that are not in accordance with the relevant policies of this plan would not normally be permitted but special provision for very large projects may occasionally be made in exceptional circumstances provided that , and there are three criteria , There would be substantial proven employment or other benefits to county residents , the proposal can not reasonably be implemented on land proposed in local plans for industrial or commercial development bearing in mind the undertakings operational requirements , and thirdly , that there are no overriding planning objections .
57 So I 'll it out .
58 Er if you like when I go through it with Chris and Bill , I 'll you know invite you in and we 'll we 'll , we 'll , we 'll .
59 Well I 'll you know I remember the time of the oh I remember it well , the , the nineteen twenty six strike , oh boy , there was twenty six people slept in that barn in one , one night .
60 And I 'll you something , every one of these people got a bowl of porridge in the morning before they left .
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