Example sentences of "i [be] give " in BNC.

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31 I am giving you a wash .
32 Right ah can we connect again with a couple of people we we coming up there if anybody out there er is a fan of Mary Whitehouse 's as I am give me a call and you know you know who I 'm talking to ring now .
33 When will I be given some responsibility ?
34 Anne is abroad at the moment , doing some research , but she left a message with someone that I 'm to give her a ring when she gets back .
35 Clearly , if I 'm to give my loved one a spade for Christmas , the answer is not to wrap it at all .
36 ‘ If I 'm given a challenge I have to have a go at it , ’ he admits , reflecting on the guiding principles that have taken him to the top of two major industries .
37 But I work closely to any budget I 'm given and in effect my service is free , because although I charge a £30 flat fee , it 's deducted when an order is placed . ’
38 I 'm given too high a profile , ’ he says modestly .
39 I ca n't start drawing conclusions until I 'm given some data . ’
40 I 'm given up for dead by now , I 'm accepted for dead .
41 I 'm given to them , you know .
42 ‘ Going to be in this orange-coloured juice , so I 'm given to understand , ’ said Dorcas doubtfully , ‘ running slowly on a ball and jetting , whatever that is .
43 I 'm given as much independence as they can give me , so I do n't feel I 'm isolated .
44 Chairman I 'm , I 'm conscious that this amended recommendation will cause some disappointment among the support of the Brandon bypass , but I generally feel that some form of agreement can be reached with Norfolk County Council and Breckland District Council and indeed the Norfolk Member of Parliament , if I 'm given more time to review the situation in the light of other proposals on the A eleven , the A one three , four and in Thetford .
45 I believe that if I 'm given the chance to fight the George Forman of old , the George Forman of today would be the better .
46 I know what I 'm giving you , ’ Lucy smiled on her secret .
47 ‘ You do n't realise what I 'm giving you , ’ she said .
48 And I 'm giving a voice to the hundreds of people who do n't have a voice .
49 Now what about your piece , I 'm giving John tomatoes and lemon curd .
50 And I 'm giving you this ultimatum : tomorrow night I come into this bed and if you try to stop me , you 'll end up next door for the remainder of your days . ’
51 I 'm giving
52 ‘ It 's a whole shilling I 'm giving you , sir .
53 Alice Mair said : ‘ I 'm giving a dinner party on Thursday evening .
54 I 'm giving a temporary home to an unmarried mother in return for typing help .
55 I 'm giving that a lot of thought , ’ she said .
56 First , I 'm giving up smoking .
57 And I 'm giving all this up .
58 And I 'm giving it three wipes each time .
59 I 'm giving it to you . ’
60 I 'm giving you my solemn word I do n't know what you 're talking about with all this stuff about card games in Room what 's it at the Regal Arms . ’
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