Example sentences of "it for [verb] " in BNC.

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31 Choose one about 600mm ( 2ft ) long with a metal body , and both horizontal and vertical indicators ; then you can use it for getting things plumb too .
32 And this er oh dear what was the name of it , they had a special title for the man that sort of ran the stall as they called it for getting the coal out and he he chose who he wanted to go to work .
33 ‘ We use it for taking rock from the local quarries . ’
34 Beer seems such a simple drink that we tend to take it for granted .
35 However , with fewer breaks pilots tend to take it for granted that they will not get a cable break , and this makes them more vulnerable when one does occur .
36 Yeah , she 'd started to need Dionne , pushed it aside since they were friends , and between friends you could take it for granted , since it was .
37 The practice of ‘ practical criticism ’ in fact unconsciously takes it for granted that the readers already know enough about poetry to have a grasp of rules and conventions sufficient to make adequate sense of the passage .
38 A cumulative succession of nasty surprises has dealt a further destructive blow to an advantage Mr Lawson has enjoyed for so many years that he may have come to taken it for granted : the effect on expectations of confident and respected official forecasting .
39 We can not take it for granted any longer that the division of Germany is sustainable ; in consequence , the whole European security order may be unstable .
40 Everyone took it for granted that it must be Oxford or Cambridge .
41 They took it for granted that this was Ramsey .
42 She took it for granted that they talked about ‘ the handover ’ .
43 They took it for granted that the international world was one of competing powers and that their duty was to make the most of whatever assets were available to them .
44 Within the Western tradition of art we tend to take it for granted that much can be learned from the study of the art of the past and , traditionally , copying from the works of the Great Masters was one of a young student 's most important tasks .
45 The idea of taxing what most people regard as their birthright , fresh air , is startling , but perhaps Tolba is right : we should not take it for granted .
46 Economists have taken it for granted that to get round it , creditors will in practice need to get most of the benefit from debt relief .
47 We take it for granted .
48 The church found it hard to enforce chastity within marriage when a pagan man took it for granted that he had the right to sleep with his slavegirls .
49 Almost all philosophically minded people of Clement 's age , except for only a tiny handful of Epicureans , took it for granted that the order of the world reflects a designing providential hand .
50 Do n't take it for granted that they 'll be OK .
51 Without such a stimulus , Libyans lived comfortably enough with Truth ; that is to say , they took it for granted , and ignored it .
52 Human regard for the sea has varied from the taking of it for granted as a tiresome obstacle to trade and exploration , to romanticising it in what so many writers are pleased to call its moods .
53 Davis is not taking it for granted .
54 We take it for granted , but it is important that the emergent nations of the Third World — themselves , many of them , deeply divided culturally , linguistically and genetically — should see what we have achieved , and where we have fallen short .
55 In ecology the Germans take it for granted that they are more ecology-minded than anyone else , and that they have a special sensitivity for this too .
56 It is as if Hahnemann takes it for granted that we all understand the importance of quantity , as well as potency , when administering a remedy , but this seems almost a revolutionary concept to us as we rarely consider this factor when using both low and high potency centesimal remedies .
57 He had taken it for granted that his verbose and glib explanation of the facts would convince the jury of his innocence .
58 Yet others may deplore British nationalism while taking it for granted that there is some homogeneous group called the British , thus conceding the basic premise for a British nationalism .
59 Ludens was right in a way to complain that they were now all taking it for granted .
60 Even Crosland took it for granted , in trying to disarm those critics who argued that comprehensives would damage standards , that pupils who would have gone to grammar schools would of course still be taught with those of their contemporaries who would also have gone to grammar schools .
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