Example sentences of "be for [det] " in BNC.

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61 ‘ Sir , ’ he said to the court , ‘ I would be a dead man by now if it had not been for this gentleman . ’
62 A predisposition to stress such as that apparently suffered by the accused in the present case might fall foul of this restriction and it may have been for this reason that the Court of Appeal preferred to regard the case as one which might have been disposed of under section 78 had not the trial judge wrongly taken the view that that section also requires some misconduct on the part of the police .
63 But the broad trend has been for this gap between the experience of rich and poor worlds to narrow ( see the graph on Page 16 ) .
64 Deep inside , I thought that George loved Lennie and vice versa because if it had n't been for this love , they would n't have been able to survive happily together .
65 And I do n't think they have been for this last
66 For instance , the single person 's National Insurance retirement pension in 1990 is worth 26 per cent more than unemployment benefit , whereas back in 1972 they were paid at the same rate and had been for most of the period since 1948 .
67 For instance , Yadin Dudai in Jerusalem , amongst others , has exploited the behavioural and biochemical possibilities opened up by mutations amongst fruit flies ; for him and some other neurobiologists Drosophila has become as popular as it has been for most of this century for geneticists .
68 They are that the public expect Britain to be defended and want Labour to be what it has been for most of its history — a party prepared to provide resources commensurate with defending this country .
69 The chances that he will get them out of a mire of their own making are as thin as their performances have been for most of the season .
70 This is the most upbeat I have been for more than a year . ’
71 There were no sounds of any kind coming from Alina 's bedroom , and had n't been for more than an hour .
72 ‘ Present values are lower than they have been for some time , and are sticking .
73 As Elisabeth , Rosalind Plowright sounded more secure than she has been for some time on British stages and sang her last aria with true Verdian pathos and passion .
74 The initial impetus came from the Managing Director of one of the largest of the Harris Tweed manufacturers — the son of a crofter and himself a fisherman in his early days The Association was , however , given its distinctive shape and its constitution by the first chairman , Rev. Ian Carmichael , a Gaelic-speaker from Lismore who was a minister in Stornoway at the time , and who had had considerable experience of welfare work in industry , and had been for some years vice convener of one of the largest local authorities in Scotland .
75 Impressive reading it may have been for some , but tantalizing for the men and they certainly rose to the occasion .
76 If a child is sniffing with a group of young people , and has been for some time , it may help to provide other more interesting and exciting leisure activities .
77 However , those who are unemployed , especially if they have been for some time , may find it is more important to send out as many letters as possible , in the hope of getting some response .
78 I am much slimmer and a better shape than I have been for some time ( or for months , years , etc. ) and I am going to get even slimmer and achieve an even better figure — a figure I never thought I could have .
79 ‘ The improvement and the form suggests it 's the best Welsh pack since the Triple Crown in 1988 , so yes I 'm more optimistic than I 've been for some time ’ , said the 43-year-old ‘ Panther ’ , who is now a schoolmaster in Swansea .
80 They had been for some ten minutes locked in a close embrace , the length of their bodies pressed together .
81 My wife Pam has been for some time aware that I have been having an on-going relationship with Suzannah , who I believe is known to some of you .
82 There has been for some time in Africa debate concerning the suitability for the Eucharist of wheat bread and grape wine .
83 While there clearly was an ‘ objective ’ discontinuity of subject perspective between selective school mathematics and the practice of some segments , increasingly dominant within some countries , of university mathematics , and had been for some years , it again required interested actors , utilizing the climate of ‘ crisis ’ resulting from the campaign on teacher supply as a major resource , to enter various arenas in order to persuade others of the ‘ need ’ for change .
84 Evidence from official statistics suggests that the number of households containing two or more elementary families has indeed fallen : from 3 per cent of households in 1961 to 1 per cent in 1981 ( Social Trends , 1987 , p. 41 , table 2.1 ) Clearly this is , and apparently has been for some time , very much a minority arrangement within the British population as a whole .
85 " Yes , " said Clara , beginning to understand the nature of her mother 's satisfaction ; the lack of telephone of Mrs Hanney had been for some years a subject for discourse in a vein of amazed contempt .
86 His interest in humanity now was stone dead , and probably had been for some time .
87 " I have n't been for some time .
88 There has been for some years a basic agreement that the parliamentary salary should be sufficient to prevent MPs feeling the need to seek supplementary income .
89 There is indeed , and has been for some years , discussion on the political level as to whether , and to what extent , public transport , particularly in capital cities , should be regarded , and financed , as a social service , out of taxation whether national or local .
90 ‘ That you were having an affair — had been for some time . ’
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