Example sentences of "be [adv] that " in BNC.

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31 Perhaps more important , the point of requiring reasons for refusal would surely be so that — in cases of unfair refusal — these could be used as a basis for putting matters right .
32 It is very important that all of us learn what our individual specific response to stress may be so that we might learn to respond to this signal early on .
33 Since there are advantages and disadvantages of delegation , it is natural to ask how much delegation there should be so that an organisation can operate in the most efficient way .
34 Reality Therapy involves confronting the sufferer with the reality of life as perceived by others and helping him or her gradually to change the perception of how life should be so that it comes nearer to how life actually is .
35 She explained to Deborah James , chosen from 300 applicants , how she wanted ‘ the design system to be as perfect as it could be so that the accountants could not spoil it ’ — ‘ accountants ’ having now become for Laura a generic term for anyone not on the design team .
36 The difficulty arises partly in differentiating between what the user needs to know about the workings of the system , i.e. , how transparent the system should be so that the task can be performed effectively and efficiently .
37 What we 're actually doing in terms of the product is we 're actually widening the franchise erm I do n't like to use words going up market that suggests that we 're leaving our core customers behind , we will we will add any product that is complimentary to our core kitchens but er we 'll still be the main stance of the product in these two stores for instance , we 're going to introduce a house wear department it is something that we 've been experimenting with before we 're going to erm use the opportunity to widen the franchise on appliances we 're going to erm use the an experiment on erm floorings to match work tops , those kind of developments just to test to see whether the customer reaction is as good as we hoped it would be so that we can then introduce it in the main chain
38 Let the prototype low-pass transfer function be so that the planned high-pass transfer function is where a and b are certain constants , for example for the Butterworth type , and ( see equation ( 12.11 ) ) .
39 At the present time , as we have described , the problem with daytime sleep is believed to be only that it is too short .
40 A banquet-hall deserted — Broadstone Station would henceforth be only that to thousands for whom it had for long been associated with happiness — the happiness of the day 's work , the happiness of companionship , the happiness of simply being alive on a fine day .
41 If scio was not thought adequate at classical law , the reason can be only that it did not make sufficiently clear that the testator intended a trustee to be legally obliged to make property over to a beneficiary .
42 ‘ Not that I 'm all that well up in musical matters . ’
43 ‘ I 'm just a broke student trying to earn some money over the summer , and I do n't think I 'm all that articulate . ’
44 In political terms , the worry in carrying out free market reform may be less that the reform fails than that it might succeed .
45 It relatively seldom results in marital breakdown nowadays , even when it is discovered by the partner ; and even the temporary trauma induced by the discovery seems to be less that it was once ( there is no real proof of this , nor in the other direction — I base the comment mainly on people 's expressed attitudes ) .
46 His reply would be perhaps that the proof of the pudding is in the particular cases .
47 Even in making oneself more aware in preparation for a choice , it will be enough that one can identify which would be the relatively stronger inclination in the fullest attainable awareness ; there will be no need to experience it in its full intensity or to prolong it after the choice .
48 Thus to love or hate you , it may not be enough that your actions in your own interests make all the difference between success and failure for my highest hopes ; but it may be enough , even if nothing you do has any bearing on my projects , that in being drawn to or shrinking from your viewpoint I feel myself in touch with a personality of which the total pattern attracts or repels my own .
49 It would not be enough that the actor merely intends to have himself arrested , for example by way of protest .
50 That seems unusual , but it may be just that the home warren attracted more elil than other places .
51 ‘ It might be just that he 's one of their flock . ’
52 Strachan : Showed some lovely touches but seemed to be just that bit too slow .
53 Could it be also that erm children I mean I du n no how they , the children are reared and what sort of situation .
54 The scientists who man the climatological observation posts are less cautious than they used to be now that the general theory of climate change has become common property ; government servants are more confident and outspoken ; and , while scepticism remains , no cabinet minister is likely to denounce the theory and the accompanying evidence as hysterical .
55 This is how it would often be now that she had cast off in her own little ship of independence .
56 Taking a slow , deliberate breath to calm the surge of temper , Fran tried to relax , but it was surprising how unsettling the familiar night sounds could be now that she was alone .
57 About what Margrida d'Arcos 's opinion of her might be now that she knew she had indulged in apparently frivolous love with her son .
58 How long ago would it be now that you had it all done ?
59 For example , on the Earth water in hydroxyl form occurs in clays , and if similar clays were exposed on the surface of Venus then the abundance of water in the atmosphere would be roughly that observed .
60 I think we have to say that er I would imagine that plans are well advanced for the nineteen ninety/ninety one/ninety two settlement , er so it may not be immediately that er we will get the benefit of what we said to him .
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