Example sentences of "[be] assumed to be " in BNC.

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31 Where no provenance is given , the find spot can be assumed to be East Anglia .
32 But particularly in a public sector context , where appeals to the public interest could be assumed to be more common , profound questions remain which can not be resolved by terse definitions .
33 Functional studies were essentially positivist in nature and depended upon the notion that phenomena can be explained as instances of repeated and predictable regularities in which form and function can be assumed to be related , and indeed form and process figured in the titles of a number of books concerned with processes ( e.g. Carson and Kirkby , 1972 ; Gregory and Walling , 1973 ) .
34 This is that , where there is judicial uncertainty over the meaning of a legislative text , in the absence of any consequent overt expression of a contrary parliamentary view , certain categories of statement on the effect of the provision of a Bill by one of a narrowly defined group of parliamentarians , if not later withdrawn or varied , can be assumed to be an expression of parliamentary intention .
35 This type of deformation causes no dilatation and so the observed effects may be assumed to be due to one causes only — structural rearrangements which do not cause a change of volume .
36 Detrimental to the plaintiff it can not be , if he has no cause of action ; and beneficial to the defendant it can not be ; for , in contemplation of law , the defence upon such an admitted state of facts must be successful , and the defendant will recover costs , which must be assumed to be a full compensation for all the legal damage he may sustain .
37 Over a smaller range , consistent with the acceptable variation of the mains , the relationship may even be assumed to be linear , with error well within the tolerance attainable for plant measurements with this device .
38 Firstly , by what mechanism do patients or consumers become insured and , secondly how is health care supplied and paid for ? [ … ] under the pure Type 11 model described here , effectively all residents of a locality would be assumed to be ‘ insured ’ with their local health authority .
39 The New Historicists ' 'reciprocal concern with the historicity of texts and the textuality of history' would set up an exchange which might be assumed to be awkward .
40 If a car is unlawfully taken and then returned in a damaged state , it seems absolutely right that the person or persons responsible for taking it should be assumed to be responsible for causing the damage unless they can prove the contrary .
41 Likewise they implicitly assume that over the medium-term ( 3-10 years ) , the supply side can not be assumed to be constant .
42 An example engagement letter is set out in 1101.10 — please note that this is a live example and as such is the result of a series of negotiations — ie this should not be assumed to be our starting position .
43 All suggestions are given in good faith and for general help and guidance but since detail may vary with different roofs they can not be assumed to be suitable for every application .
44 What are the implications for the CAPM if the market could not be assumed to be perfect ?
45 This asserts that the demand for a company 's equity may be assumed to be flat ( perfectly elastic ) for all practical purposes and hence increases in supply will have no discernible effect on the price .
46 Bayes ' postulate is that , when nothing to the contrary is known , the probabilities should be assumed to be equal .
47 The compressibility of the solvent is equal to the molar volume of the solvent in solution , V 1 , and can be assumed to be unchanged over a small range of pressures , thus giving
48 Of course , the extension dx will be accompanied by lateral contractions dy and dz , but although normally negative and equal , they can usually be assumed to be zero .
49 Bayes ' postulate is that , when nothing to the contrary is known , the probabilities should be assumed to be equal .
50 It was apparent that his attendance at the coming Party Conference must be assumed to be very unlikely , and that the question of replacing him as leader could arise .
51 These dimensions can be assumed to be strongly correlated with each other , so that a model of ‘ strong ’ corporatism can be constructed in terms of which specific countries can be ranked .
52 The concept , now referred to as ‘ universal precautions , ’ stresses that all patients should be assumed to be infectious for HIV , HBV , and other blood-borne pathogens .
53 The fact that about 50% of all patients experienced minor faecal leakage in the first year after operation , discouraged the use of restorative proctocolectomy in older patients in whome the operative risk must also be assumed to be greater .
54 The uptake of 5-ASA by the intact cells has to be assumed to be equal to the amount of Ac-ASA produced and detected both extracellularly and intracellularly .
55 The uptake of 5-ASA must therefore be assumed to be equivalent to the production of Ac-ASA over time .
56 Comparison of quantitative data between the tw groups was performed by Student 's t test when normal distribution of the data could be assumed , and by Mann-Whitney U test when distrubiton could not be assumed to be normal ( serum and amylase values ) .
57 One problem for the non-native speaker of English is to decide when a group can be assumed to be familiar .
58 In conversations which involve speakers of both the first and second generations it is mainly the behaviour of the second generation speakers which is of interest , for it is these individuals who have " stylistic mobility " between London English and Creole and can be assumed to be using the two codes differentially ( though not necessarily consciously ) in a strategic way .
59 In this chapter , however , we are focussing attention on the behaviour when the effect of such departures can be assumed to be slight .
60 Other than in such cases of clear juxtaposition , dots can be assumed to be purposeful when there is graphic consistency , and especially when such consistency is combined with gentle expression .
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