Example sentences of "[vb base] been talking to " in BNC.

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31 he says I 've been talking to that wee feller and he was talking about the pub which got .
32 I 've been talking to some of them about it , it 's meant to be , cos I did n't know it was going on , and I saw them in the paper , says oh !
33 I 've been talking to , , and Billy .
34 We 've been talking to Michael Medleycote from the British Tourist Authority , and one of the points I was making to him was with the recession and also the Gulf war people are very concerned , a ) there 's the cost of flying , but also they 're concerned of course about security .
35 We have been talking to the horse , stroking it , and trying to reassure it .
36 I have been talking to the whites many years about the lands in question , and it is strange they can not understand me ; the country they claim belonged to my father , and when he died it was given to me and my people , and I will not leave it until I am compelled to .
37 I have been talking to colleagues here in Oxford about the use of OALDCE 3/e in one of your hand held devices .
38 It 's I who have been talking to her .
39 This time the Americans have been talking to negotiators as often as three times a day , sitting with one side and then another to explore positions on such controversial issues as the disposition of authority over West Bank land .
40 IBM Corp staffers and sources close to the company have been talking to PC Week about the company 's desktop software strategy , the core of which is the common microkernel that is to underlie all of its future offerings .
41 According to the latest tittle-tattle , Sparc licensees Fujitsu and LSI Logic ( who is into MIPS as well ) have been talking to DEC about Alpha .
42 According to last week 's gossip , Sparc licencees Fujitsu Ltd and LSI Logic have been talking to DEC about Alpha ( UX No 385 ) .
43 I have been talking to one or two members of s staff at a fairly low level over the last week .
44 People have been talking to him about sickness and that if an office has erm people that are off sick a lot more than another office they 're at a disadvantage .
45 I have been talking to the leaders in Medicine and Education and clearly there are many areas where we can and will be working together in telling the Government that they must support us in supplying quality services and that the Treasury is a support service , not the determinant of policy .
46 Anyway , in a showbiz double whammy the boys with the buttocks have been talking to Bryan Burnett .
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