Example sentences of "[pers pn] can be said " in BNC.

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91 Even if it can be said that , in the course of his duty , a policeman will become hardened to certain sorts of ritual taunts and insults , there is no reason to doubt that he can also experience harassment and distress .
92 In this respect it can be said that the methods of interpretation developed by the European Court match the particular characteristics of Community legal texts .
93 Nevertheless , to some extent it can be said that it fulfils some of the functions of the preambles in Community texts to which I have just referred .
94 If the teaching item has been demonstrably proved to have been learnt , it can be said that the assignment has been achieved .
95 But it seems to me that the wife might thereafter have offered to return and might have ceased to be in desertion , and that clause 2 would at that stage and in that event have been in operation : therefore it does not seem to me that it can be said that clause 2 was not of value to the husband .
96 In the meantime and excepting certain problem areas which are causing difficulty , it can be said that the Secretary of State 's general policy is to align the new Sheriff Court Districts with the existing Local Government Districts , or a combination of these , unless good reason is shown to him to the contrary as a result of representations made to him or to the appropriate Sheriff Principal .
97 However , on an opposed Order , without going into details , it can be said that there is a right , when the Bill is introduced for confirmation , to petition within seven days against the Bill , and a Member of Parliament can if he wishes move .
98 Structurally speaking , it can be said that the highly centralised structure of these states and the minimal legislation introduced could constitute an ‘ embryonic welfare state ’ .
99 In conclusion , it can be said that during accelerated intestinal transit , slow release preparations , except for Claversal 250 mg tablets , provide higher steady state mucosal concentrations than azo-bound drugs .
100 Of course , as recognized by the judge in the above case , if the structure is dictated by function then it can be said to be an uncopyrightable idea although , often that will not be so ; there will be a variety of potential structures possible .
101 If the information has been divulged to sufficient people so that it can be said to be no longer confidential , an injunction will not be of any help ; it would be like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted .
102 Therefore , it can be said that there need not be an obvious and serious risk of death in reckless manslaughter .
103 In spite of Scott LJ 's efforts the prevalent view of textbook writers is that " It can be said that any covenant which affects the landlord qua landlord or the tenant qua tenant will probably be with the class of covenants which [ run ] , but this is not very helpful , and it is better to note examples from decided cases " ( P.F. Smith , Evans : The Law of Landlord and Tenant ( Butterworths : 1985 ) 75 ) .
104 In answer to this second argument it can be said that the education available to Desiderius of Cahors in the following century is not likely to have been any better , and yet he did write in the manner of earlier letter-writers .
105 From a longer-term perspective , it can be said that the number of transactions per day has shown no tendency to increase since the mid-1970s ; there was a surge in total number of transactions during 1987 and 1988 due to a large number of deals between the newly established market makers but both transactions on behalf of customers and intra-market business has fallen back since then .
106 If it can be said to play the role of watchmaker in nature , it is the blind watchmaker .
107 In terms of the political system , it can be said to provide the means by which a government is chosen but , despite the results of the 1983 general election , the extent to which it will continue to be capable of providing a government ( at least in the way it has previously done ) remains under question .
108 There is no way in which it can be said that such-and-such an injury is worth so much in terms of money .
109 There is a danger if the settlor has power to remove trustees that it can be said he controls the trust .
110 Finally , it can be said that the public interest and public policy have played an especially important part as a vehicle for providing a reason for giving redress in those cases in which the parties are not contractually bound .
111 If however , it can be said that the employee had reasonable grounds for believing the information to be part of knowledge properly acquired during his employment then his defence will succeed .
112 ‘ I do not consider that it can be said that at the moment of striking the child , he [ the father ] had the necessary evil intent or wilfulness to justify a finding either that he assaulted the child or that he wilfully ill-treated her .
113 However , most English speakers seem to feel that the pitch movement in this case is the same as that in the previous two examples ; it can be said that there is a parallel with rhyming .
114 His shiksas and replicas , hostilities and escapes , have taken part in a great game of long duration , and he can be said to be reviewing the state of play .
115 But the owner 's possession , and with it his actual power to exercise his rights , is for the time being gone ; he must recover the watch — as he may even lawfully do by his own act — before he can be said to be again in possession of it .
116 In fact it is only because he is trying so hard to get it right that he can be said to get it wrong at all , and the gauche hero is above all the example of social over-anxiety , like Betjeman 's subaltern weak for love on a Hampshire tennis-court : his palms moist at the first handshake , one imagines , his over-careful manners a veneer masking racking uncertainties , and an over-developed sense of social duty enforcing its own inner punishment .
117 Richard Titmuss was the outstanding exponent of the liberal socialist standpoint on the study of social policy ; indeed , he can be said to be virtually the founder of the systematic study of social policy .
118 At least the locked door designed to keep him in also keeps his enemies out , if he can be said to have any enemies .
119 As we noted , anaphora concerns the use of ( usually ) a pronoun to refer to the same referent as some prior term , as in : ( 90 ) Harry 's a sweetheart ; he 's so considerate where Harry and he can be said to be co-referential , i.e. pick out the same referent .
120 Buckley LJ in the Court of Appeal provided some useful guidance as to precisely what rights or powers the individual must have before he can be said to have transferred or given the opportunity to another person so that the other person can make the gain .
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