Example sentences of "[pers pn] can be said " in BNC.

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1 It follows then that when the student can correctly apply the rule in a variety of situations , she can be said to have learned the rule .
2 Treitel ( 8th ed. ) , p. 87 says of Ward v. Byham : ‘ One basis of the decision is that the mother had provided consideration by showing that she had made the child happy , etc. : in this way she can be said to have conferred a factual benefit on the father , even though she may not have suffered any detriment . ’
3 With the conditional theory of knowledge , and the above explication of clauses 3 and 4 , you can be said to know that you are sitting reading because ( 3 ) in the nearest worlds in which you are not sitting reading you do not believe that you are , and ( 4 ) in the nearest worlds in which you are sitting reading you do believe that you are .
4 Language provides the context in which we can be said to understand each other .
5 The point is not to approach the texts with preconceived ideas about matters such as what constitutes an argument , what provides evidence for a claim , or when we can be said to know something .
6 The graphemes themselves are individual letters or small groups of letters such as " b " , " ou " , and " ght " , and when we can identify these graphemes and then pronounce them together as the sound represented by /bo:t/ ( which rhymes with " port " ) , we can be said to have used the GPC rules .
7 All is not dark in these accounts , and indeed they can be said to gleam with a quality of reflected light .
8 They can be said to determine and to indetermine , both to record , and to distort and desert , the facts of his life .
9 In their traditional exhibitionist role women are simultaneously looked at and displayed , with their appearance coded for strong visual and erotic impact so that they can be said to connote to-be-looked-at-ness .
10 Since documents usually have an overall structure , objective and topic , they can be said to represent a particular domain ( e.g. banking , insurance , etc . ) .
11 On the basis of this identity of reference , they can be said to convey the SAME MESSAGE .
12 In the sense that these parties have provided the electorate with a clear either-or choice in both countries for many years , they can be said to be doing their job .
13 Proprietary life assurance companies are no different in this respect but it is very difficult to ascertain the amounts of profit arising from individual contracts and the exact period of time over which they can be said to have been earned .
14 Distributors and retailers selling " own brand " goods can be liable if they can be said to be holding themselves out to be the producer .
15 Since the notional content of adjectives , on the other hand , does not define the nature of their support but only a quality thereof they can be said to have external incidence .
16 Archives and museums keep objects that hold information and they store information about the entities ( i.e. objects ) they hold , but whether they can be said to hold knowledge in the same way libraries do is debatable .
17 Well , it can be said that he does not allow his mercilessness to go undetected on this occasion .
18 It can be said in his favour that the Michael X set seemed very like a fraud and a circus , and that these people had no deep connection with the politics of Trinidad .
19 It can be said of these strong-minded and independently gifted accomplices that their work shows a dimension of reciprocity and replication , of the production unit , which stands at an appreciable remove from parody and plagiarism , and from the mimicry of other people 's voices which is comprehended in the term ‘ ventriloquism ’ , which Amis goes in for in private , among friends , and which is also a pleasure of the novels he writes .
20 To simplify a rather complex historical phenomenon , it can be said that the present political division between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael originates in positions taken by opponents in that war .
21 This is well exemplified in Fokine 's choreography fur the first Nocturne in Les Sylphides , where it can be said that the corps de ballet are marking the overall rhythm lasting sixteen or thirty-two bars , whilst the three soloists represent the shorter rhythmical phrases lasting four to ) eight bars .
22 It can be said to be the wind rustling through the trees , when first heard as the Tsarevich climbs over the wall to find his Princess .
23 Of ‘ all the oppositions that furrow Freudian thought ’ it can be said that ‘ one is but the other different and deferred , one differing and deferring the other ’ ( Margins of Philosophy , 17 — 18 ) .
24 I do not think it can be said that the manner of death is any more horrific than it used to be ( although it may well be different ) but it may be that the way of reporting someone 's death has radically changed and that this has brought its own problems .
25 Perhaps it can be said that , when people are searching for meaning , they are at the beginning of a journey , not at the end of it .
26 For example : it can be said at once — and briefly — that the probability that she was massively involved in the murder of Darnley is very strong .
27 Briefly , then , for we shall be returning to this same point later in the book , it can be said that the performance mode itself can be protective , either because it is seen to be mainly a technical or intellectual task , or because the dramatic form is powerful enough to enhance whatever the participants ' contribution might be .
28 If the idea catches on , it can be said to propagate itself , spreading from brain to brain .
29 On the other hand it can be said in a grudging negative manner leaving the listener uncomfortable and possibly guilty at having made the request .
30 It can be said in conclusion that these developments have become central to the future of the ‘ GIS revolution ’ of the late 1980s , since it is now clear that the massive ( and desirable ) growth of the use of GIS can not be supported without improvements to the use environment experienced by the user .
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