Example sentences of "[adv] happened to be " in BNC.

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31 And also , the use of the yellow background , I do n't know , erm whether it was deliberately chosen or whether she just happened to be standing there , but the yellow background makes it stand out .
32 We were able to help him … we can see their house from our bedroom and we just happened to be looking out of the window at the time , do n't you know . ’
33 I wanted to ‘ do ’ someone I knew a little , but when I approached my number one seed , he served me up Roy as a better choice ( Roy just happened to be on holiday so not able to comment ) .
34 Hincmar of Rheims wrote to give orders to a neighbouring count who just happened to be his kinsman : it is not hard to see how an archbishop might refer to the local counts collectively as " his " , or the draftsman of a capitulary write in general terms of " archbishops and their counts " .
35 And Robert , who was by now learning the basic rule that if anybody said anything interesting it was probably Muhammad , would ask if by any chance it just happened to be a saying of the Prophet , to which the headmaster would reply , his eyes shining , ‘ That 's it !
36 Actually , I 'd been waiting for somebody else but I just happened to be on hand and I could n't just stand there and watch her struggle with all those boxes , suitcases , typewriters , bicycles , stereo systems and so on .
37 ‘ Look , lady — ’ little Cleo staggered back into the room clutching a bright red balloon' — I just happened to be there , looking after the place while the owner was away .
38 They just happened to be around after Mass when volunteers were needed .
39 They just happened to be in the right place at the right time .
40 The police just happened to be checking cars today .
41 I said I did n't know the other guys , we just happened to be in the same pub .
42 The station commander , who just happened to be a bit of an oppo of mine called " Bull " Jarmen — a great monster of a fellow and a Kiwi to boot — who was heard to say : " Well , it was very convenient him leaving it there ; you did not have to travel very far to collect it or find out what happened to the undercarriage . "
43 " Yon " just happened to be three WAAFs toiling up the brae each with a kit bag .
44 Years later , even , when 617 just happened to be in my Canberra Wing at Binbrook after the war , oddly enough both Nos 617 and 9 Squadrons found themselves together in my four-squadron wing .
45 ‘ I just happened to be in the corridor .
46 The things I said may have been unjustified , and the fact that I just happened to be bloody tired and bad-tempered was no excuse .
47 ‘ I just happened to be in the right place at the right time . ’
48 We just happened to be in the pool at the same time , that 's all . ’
49 The puppet is an exhibit at a cartoon gallery in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and the real Mr Heseltine just happened to be passing through .
50 He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time . ’
51 Applecross just happened to be central when Xenly was divided and so became the only building to be shared by each community .
52 just happened to be the children 's , that 's all .
53 I would n't say they were lucky against Oldham , but everything ran for them today , the underside of the crossbar and the post saved Charlton on a couple of occasions and as Simpson said I think ‘ Bolder on a couple of occasions really knew nothing about the saves he 'd made , they were point blank , and he just happened to be there . ’
54 oh we just happened to be down town
55 Somehow she always happened to be in the company of someone , Walter , Emily or Durkin .
56 However , Tess began to find that the cows which came to her usually happened to be her favourites .
57 We first met him at an elegant hotel in the ‘ uptown ’ district of Manhattan , New York , overlooking Central park , a watering place well known to artists ( Joe Cocker also happened to be in residence at the time ) .
58 She broke into films in 1933 , when MGM advertised for ‘ tall girls in bathing suits ’ , and made her movie debut in the chorus in Dancing Lady , which also happened to be Fred Astaire 's first film .
59 Unbeknown to Mark , one of the titled politicians present also happened to be an international banker and financial advisor to several US corporations .
60 Crofting made its impact when we moved house from one of the quiet streets , in the middle of the town , to the road which was planned by a wealthy proprietor as an elegant tree-lined approach to Lews Castle , but which also happened to be the shortest route between a dozen crofting villages , lying to the east of the town , and their 19,000 acres of general common pasture which lay to the west .
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