Example sentences of "[noun pl] over and above " in BNC.

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31 When you put all these factors together it concerns me that nobody has been advancing the case that as with other districts , some other districts in York , it would be appropriate , even more appropriate in my view , that the migration assumption should be discounted , there are in my view special reasons why this should be the case , special reasons over and above tho those that have been applied , to the other districts , this in my view would be that the Greater York housing provision for all those reasons I 've just highlighted , should be reduced , should be reduced to the seventy five percent level , in other words that would be reducing it by between a thousand and twelve hundred and fifty houses , now I wo n't get on to the reason that the fact that that 's one reason why there 's no need for a new settlement , erm but it is a reason in its own right just to protect the character and the capacity requirements and the environmental sensitivities of the Greater York area .
32 optometrists registered with family health service authorities over and above the 1979 figure .
33 " Buyers should be made to pay a sustainability premium for the products over and above the market prices , " said Malaysian Primary Industries Minister Lim Keng Yaik at a meeting of the International Tropical Timber Organisation .
34 Proposals over and above the levels so indicated constitute new policy proposals .
35 Each year , industry spends at least £125 million on charitable activities over and above straightforward donations .
36 The practice was one ‘ to be discouraged ’ , though the Court sympathized with the magistrates ’ ‘ uphill task of dealing with literally hundreds of cases over and above their normal list ’ .
37 The extra cash help will come from the Bellwin scheme , under which the Government automatically picks up 85 per cent of the bill for disasters over and above initial spending by councils .
38 Personal pensions over and above APPs may be taken in part as a capital sum and at any age between 50 and 75 ( see Wilson and Davies , 1988 , Chapter 4 ) .
39 The charges related to extra inducements made to players over and above their club wages , an area of football so steeped in secrecy and subterfuge , that the problem is unlikely to go away .
40 There are no extra charges over and above normal banking charges for maintaining a currency account .
41 The aged had , nevertheless , acquired ‘ a definite status in the community … and the ‘ pauper taint ’ [ was ] removed by a system of personal thrift organized by the state' , a provision for which the Conference congratulated itself , claiming to have succeeded because it had placed national interests over and above political tactics .
42 This actual or potential favouring of one 's own interests over and above those of another is a common facet of modern-day life .
43 When development is used in the literature on children 's language it usually implies acknowledgement of processes over and above learning ( for example , Piaget 1970 ) and an underlying continuity with respect to earlier-occurring relatively simple abilities and later , more complex abilities .
44 When you get to vehicles over and above that , we run into problems where people that have
45 Comparing the commercial audit definition with this one , we can see that the Regularity Audit , the Economy and Efficiency Audit , and the Effectiveness Audit are clearly requirements over and above the attestation of financial statements by commercial auditors .
46 Here , the relationships between managers and workers were tolerant and friendly , and involved loyalties and commitments over and above the mere exchange of wages for work .
47 I do know that Council do pay for two extra cuts over and above what the Cou County Council have paid for .
48 Special thanks to Bing and Robin for their organisation of the event , Jimmy and Peter for the photos and video , Catering staff and to Transport Section for services over and above the call of duty .
49 That to me was one of the most rewarding moments over and above when we got into the big game against New Zealand .
50 Recently , the giving of business gifts has declined , as employers have placed restrictions upon what their employees may receive , and the Institute of Purchasing and Supply has published a ‘ blacklist ’ of companies operating what they consider to be gift schemes over and above items of nominal value .
51 As well as publicizing the activities of the Library the Friends contribute money towards purchases over and above those which can be made from the College funds .
52 When we do , however , subject ourselves to prolonged exercise , such as jogging , marathon running or mountain climbing , we experience benefits over and above the merely improved function of our hearts and musculature — benefits at the emotional , mental or spiritual levels .
53 As my Hon. Friend the Member for Cunninghame , North ( Mr. Wilson ) said , there are other benefits over and above that for example , the early retirement pension , the ill-health retirement pension , the lump sum on retirement , insurance so that any surviving dependants will receive the pension rights of the deceased , and so on .
54 As my Hon. Friend the Member for Cunninghame , North ( Mr. Wilson ) said , there are other benefits over and above that for example , the early retirement pension , the ill-health retirement pension , the lump sum on retirement , insurance so that any surviving dependants will receive the pension rights of the deceased , and so on .
55 There is increasing pressure on the popular mountains of Snowdonia National Park , and damage to fragile areas from competitive and sponsored events over and above existing informal recreation use is increasing .
56 So any dwellings over and above sixteen and a half thousand , would only be taken by people moving into the county and not by locals .
57 Extra supplies over and above what has been contracted from Algeria will be necessary over the next decade , partly due to increased demand and partly due to possibly reduced supply from the Netherlands , this contract running out in 1992 .
58 Votes are successively transferred from candidates who have a surplus of votes over and above the quota and from candidates excluded as having the smallest number of votes in the relevant count .
59 Thus , towns and cities are sources of major social inequalities over and above those generated within the world of work .
60 Temporary employees over and above the 200 are simply paid off when work is short .
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