Example sentences of "[noun pl] from all over " in BNC.

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1 World championships in several sports are already lined up for the Arena , as well as national and local sports events to drawn sports fans from all over Britain .
2 She was buried at Cholsey where her grave has become a shrine for fans from all over the world .
3 horse racing fans from all over the country came to the Cotswolds yesterday for a rather special day …
4 horse racing fans from all over the country came to the Cotswolds yesterday for a rather special day …
5 The club is revving up a grand welcome for four-wheel fans from all over Britain .
6 There are very many sixth-century kouroi from all over the Greek world .
7 Candidates from all over the north east descended on this once quiet spa town , to be introduced to the delights of Sales .
8 He recalls in the book , that ‘ On Court 1 , one intrepid spectator … persuaded fellow spectators to play charades , while in the various Press rooms , another entirely different game was being played , as journalists from all over the world pondered how to fill acres of space available to record the most important events of the day ’ .
9 The opening ceremony at the Altes Museum in central Berlin was attended by journalists from all over Europe and excited Berliners .
10 Sugar was the first aircraft to undertake such a mercy flight , and over the next two or three weeks many other Lancasters made similar trips from all over Europe .
11 It now attracts international drivers from all over Europe and is worth points in the European Championship .
12 Here developed in the eleventh and twelfth centuries a centre for the arts which attracted artists and craftsmen from all over Italy .
13 Ecclesiastics from all over the Christian world trained in Ireland .
14 Dozens of hunt supporters from all over Gloucestershire turned out to lobby councillors before today 's meeting .
15 Top designers from all over the country were getting together to stage something that , it was already forecast , would be the money-raising event of the year .
16 It began life as a village feast and is now an agricultural and country sports show attracting entries from all over the North of England .
17 A community venture from Herefordshire has won fourth prize amongst entries from all over Europe in ‘ La Village que J'Aime ’ — and the people of the Marcle Ridge are thrilled .
18 The event , sponsored by the Cooperative Bank and organised by the town 's recreation department , attracts entries from all over the country , many of whom run in fancy dress for their favourite charities .
19 Customs sources say that raves held just over the border are attracting hundreds of teenagers from all over Ulster — and drug dealers .
20 My guess is that he is a receiver of stolen cars from all over the country .
21 An exhibition and conference on fire-fighting involving companies and brigades from all over Austria was in full swing .
22 THANKS to the efforts of thousands of persistent and courageous newsmen from all over the world , the war in ex-Yugoslavia that started in June 1991 may already be the most closely reported and copiously documented conflict in history .
23 On page 18 we 've got Part Two of Paul Buttle 's exclusively designed circuit of the Lakes , while on page 51 there 's our new and improved Out and About section , with no fewer than 14 great walks from all over the country .
24 Farnborough was being swamped by skaters from all over Europe .
25 Today it 's the place where fire fighters from all over the world learn how best to do their job .
26 Quality DJs from all over the country have been coming to Middlesbrough for the last couple of years , including London DJs who are now returning through the Flying organisation .
27 , along with swimming club president and Prototype Fast Reactor station manager , was invited to present medals at the event , which attracts youngsters from all over Scotland .
28 YOUNGSTERS from all over Northern Ireland , including Londonderry , are to take part in a mass community challenge to help hospitals , community centres and charities .
29 Wet and wintry weather regularly spoils the riding day treat for disabled youngsters from all over Merseyside .
30 The competition was a big hit last year when talented songsters from all over Merseyside took pubs and clubs by storm with their versions of old and new favourites .
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