Example sentences of "[conj] i gave you " in BNC.

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31 well that maybe true , but I think it 's working off an analogy on that , turning it the other way round and saying well erm if , if I got to the stage of erm , well possibly even seeking some information from the commission , well certainly if I gave you a conclusion for example , that it should be referred , erm and I think again even if I came to the conclusion that I should neither want , er there 's no point in seeking information from the Commission , nor should I refer it , or at least refer to the stage erm what his clients would be saying should be done in the interim and what he says in effect , for the reason he 's outlined is , er that we should proceed on the basis of erm the validity of the act erm and of the byelaws
32 What would you do if I gave you the jade ?
33 Well if I gave you something like this erm Y equals X times X squared plus two .
34 So if we g let's say if I gave you something top integrate .
35 Right , if I gave you er something like that .
36 Erm so if I gave you something like that to differentiate
37 So if I gave you something to differenti to integrate
38 If I gave you something to integrate that looked like erm say it had a sine X , I know you like those .
39 So if I gave you one pound fifty
40 Now you said that if I gave you X cos squared three X it might be a bit easier to integrate .
41 If I gave you this to integrate , something like four X cubed minus X two times four X cubed minus X times
42 Erm for example if we ha if I gave you that equation .
43 So if I gave you that and said show that that is simple harmonic motion .
44 So if we If I gave you this to integrate erm what do you think of that ?
45 I was utterly baffled , but I gave you the benefit of every doubt , which by this time added up to a couple of thousand .
46 was going to say check it in the book but I gave you wrong one .
47 But I gave you my word — nothing against your will . ’
48 Dear God , but I gave you my heart and my very soul — ’
49 No , I , I was gon na do it but I gave you that other half for Marie
50 and when we were having this argument on Wednesday he said I said we what what was your reason then for not paying me for that when I was genuinely sick and he said er oh he said because I gave you such a good bonus last week , I said what was that then , he said erm twenty five pounds , I said no you did n't !
51 Marc was saying , ‘ When I gave you that place on your twenty-first birthday , Peter , I foolishly imagined it would help you settle down as you seemed to have no idea what you wanted to do with your life .
52 And then when I gave you the minimum premium er it was like right okay well that 's , that 's the easy way out is n't it , twenty quid a month , okay I might do something for twenty quid because I was n't committed and that 's what exploration of needs is all about and it 's , it 's so easy for me to sit and say yeah that 's what you need to do but putting myself in your shoes , you know , a few years ago
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