Example sentences of "[adv] a [adj] period " in BNC.

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1 Pretty much a standard period .
2 Unless perhaps a certain period has already elapsed since that episode , if indeed it occurred .
3 The use of the courts to end a railroad strike in 1922 ushered in a lean period for the unions .
4 If a statutory demand is served , the debtor has only a limited period within which to apply to set it aside .
5 A worker-directed study conducted in the mid-1970s considered as temporary workers all who had a job which was available only for a limited time and all who were themselves available for their jobs for only a limited period of time .
6 This will be the case where , for example , a minister stays in a government department for only a limited period of time .
7 Fixed-term appointments are offered by the Board only where the job is expected to be of limited duration or there are exceptional management reasons for appointing someone for only a limited period to an ongoing job .
8 Neither case is concerned at all with the position where a child has been stillborn as a result of a third party 's negligence or has , as a result of such negligence , survived birth for only a minimal period .
9 They say that over only a four-year period , the number of undergraduate students at Liverpool JMU has more than doubled from under 10,000 to nearly 20,000 .
10 The national assembly , up to only a certain period of time , according to the constitution , and then again the parliament has to come back again into the picture .
11 Only a single company is allowed to operate in each part of the country but the incumbent is given a licence for only a fixed period of time .
12 St Giles 's cathedral nearby is more properly known as the High Kirk , having been formally designated a cathedral for only a brief period during the reign of Charles I. It was here that Charles attempted to impose a High Anglican liturgy , virtually a Mass , upon a Presbyterian society which responded with brawls in the church and outside , still remembered as the Jenny Geddes Riots after a vegetable seller from the market who was reported to have thrown her stool at the Dean 's head .
13 But though their name lives on in the region of Tuscany , the Etruscans actually survived for only a short period ; they were expelled from Rome by the Latins and then defeated at the battle of Aricia in 506BC .
14 Tests at very high temperatures need be , and should be , continued for only a short period , i.e. , for days or a few weeks rather than months .
15 If you make sure the butt points at the target in the initial stages , and the tip follows through in a straight line , you will acquire both distance and accuracy after only a short period of practice .
16 Usually this lasts for only a short period if the problem is acknowledged .
17 Since rainfall controls plant growth , and plants are the base of the food pyramid , deserts typically have only a short period when food is abundant ; it is during this time that the creatures of the desert must complete their breeding cycle .
18 Each time Kandy was held by the invaders for only a short period .
19 In reality , the stories were recalled over only a short period of time and major event alterations did not occur , but both deaf and hearing people recalled the main episodes equally well and there was no significant difference in the number of events recalled .
20 Most people discharged from hospital psychiatric care have had only a short period as in patients and do not need long-term help after leaving .
21 As many as 35 per cent took jobs which they regarded as " stop-gap " or in which they intended to stay for only a short period .
22 As he pointed out to me , the port and other government officials , also the navy and military personnel , came and went , generally posted south for only a short period , whereas he was a permanent fixture .
23 A single kiln , for instance , probably implies a potter 's presence for only a short period in the life of a settlement some may even have been itinerant or at best semi-residential , moving on once local demand had been satisfied .
24 In spite of only a short period of minority government the Labour Party in the 1920s had also developed some ambitious long-term policies .
25 Moreover , it has been suggested that only a short period of desaturation — perhaps as little as 30 minutes during a 24 hour period — may be all that is necessary to prevent cholesterol crystal nucleation from bile .
26 The specialized frugivores are , in general , foraging for only a short period of the day — in the cases of manikins and cotingas , for only some 10% of the daylight hours .
27 Now it 's a lot of people , it 's only a short period of time , is n't it , one month .
28 The CBI urges people not to take a short-term view , as the hon. Gentleman does in considering only a 12-month period .
29 During what is normally a dead period , the company has sold nine farms since January .
30 But the doctor says that it should be just a normal period after you 've had it , but it 'll be faster flow .
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