Example sentences of "[verb] be talking to " in BNC.

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31 For a long moment their glances clashed like swords , then there was a shout behind her , and she turned to see the two men he 'd been talking to and a short stout woman in a dark overall running towards them .
32 ‘ She was complaining at not being able to get through because my number was engaged and I said I 'd been talking to you .
33 I did a double-take before I realized he 'd been talking to me .
34 Of course , he 'd been talking to Maria Luisa ; he had nothing to say to Steve .
35 After I 'd been talking to him about leaving .
36 He 'd been talking to these erm Greek blokes and they invited him into this bar for erm
37 And she 'd been talking to him for about half an hour and well er her son had come up
38 I 'd been talking to someone about the effects of music , cos there 's a couple of court cases going on .
39 The working groups are currently on working on that , and they , my colleagues I assume are talking to the the officers of the Social Services about that , what is happening , but the final outcome has yet to appear .
40 He might have been talking to the sheep when he said softly :
41 Ellwood could have been talking to a simpleton .
42 " She could n't have been talking to Rome , " Seddon said .
43 ‘ We agreed she must have been talking to someone … ’
44 But he might just as well have been talking to himself .
45 Oh , yes , but they 're going on that 's to sake of free , at the moment so the last thing that they 're interested in doing is talking to me about if I know what I 'm doing .
46 The two are believed to have been talking to Republicans to see if a different kind of package could be put together .
47 Mr Hagger and his partner , Dave Jennings , had been talking to a Birmingham broker about raising several million pounds of working capital .
48 The two who had been talking to me went with the others back to their vehicle .
49 ‘ If what this girl says is true , you 'll find proof of their guilt in the car , sergeant , ’ said the stout man who had been talking to the keeper .
50 She had been talking to Lapointe , which no doubt explained why she had misheard .
51 When he did not return for quite a while , she guessed they had been talking to each other about her .
52 She could n't remember who she had been talking to .
53 I stayed in the bottom class , but noticed the girl that I had been talking to was in another class .
54 He guessed at once that his son had been talking to Yuan , and even though the casual disclosure of information had been prearranged , he regretted the unavoidability of the confrontation which was about to occur .
55 He had spent most of the morning frowning , except when he had been talking to Sir William Paice and others .
56 All the time Ward had been talking to the receptionist his head had been half turned to the street doors , which were wide open , framing an incessant movement of people in an iridescent haze of hot sunlight .
57 A woman had been talking to him , but she had gone away .
58 He had been talking to a tall girl with white-blonde hair , but suddenly he turned his head slightly and looked straight at Maria , and every muscle in her body clenched in furious , shocked resistance .
59 She had been talking to him only a few seconds before , but he was gone .
60 The other girl who had been talking to Blake walked over to the Doctor .
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