Example sentences of "[noun] happened to be " in BNC.

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31 Vologsky had constantly reassured himself that the repeated refusals were simply because his applications happened to be made at an inopportune moment .
32 The wine waiter happened to be carrying a very rare bottle indeed .
33 Everyone thought there 'd be a roar of ribald laughter at that line if Puck happened to be hopping around the stage in plaster at the time . ’
34 Unfortunately , PC Dickens happened to be a writer too .
35 Bishop Farquhar said that it was a matter of history which part of that circle happened to be passing by as it cut through the life of the Edwards family .
36 Both also gave prominence to the fact that Blanche happened to be at TV London at the time of the murder and had taken charge of the case .
37 He could believe some drunken classics student had run amok with a spray-can , but not that he had chanced to write two words of no classical significance beneath the window of the room where Harry happened to be staying .
38 On his deathbed at Pentecost 337 he was baptized by a bishop whose sympathies happened to be Arian ; much later legend made Pope Silvester bestow the lifegiving baptismal water .
39 She said it would only be a little party : herself and Freddie , one of her flat mates , called Pauline — the other happened to be away — and Pauline 's boyfriend .
40 I can not imagine what sort of place this gentleman imagined he was coming to in bringing the latter , but I must say it struck something of an odd note to see in Darlington Hall these two large silent men staring suspiciously in all directions a few yards from wherever the Italian gentleman happened to be .
41 I suppose no other curate happened to be in poor health at that time . ’
42 The best person happened to be disabled .
43 I met at this time a number of adopted children , and realised that the problems we all faced were similar , whatever the child 's colour happened to be .
44 The woman happened to be quite wealthy , cheerfully handed him a large cheque as a gift — and he flew to Hawaii .
45 Damned good luck that Calder happened to be available this morning , was n't it ? ’
46 Then , on one occasion , Malcolm happened to be around when they came in .
47 As a matter of fact , however , the Bristol-Coventry game happened to be running five minutes late .
48 The CO 's office where he was learning the job of Assistant Adjutant happened to be on the first floor of an empty house in Cadogan Gardens .
49 My plans for flying around the beautiful Nelson and Marlborough Sounds area happened to be frustrated by the fact that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was visiting nearby .
50 Poor Jasper happened to be curled up asleep some five feet away at the time and was rudely awakened .
51 When the advocates of a pro-Israeli policy happened to be Jewish , says the Jewish Mr Teicher , the Arabists did not hesitate to whisper ‘ dual loyalty ’ .
52 His father happened to be passing , shortly after the attack , but when he went to help , he did n't recognise his own son .
53 Moreover we can discuss the meaning of what is being said even if it so happens that there are no trees in the park , or if all the trees happened to be the same age and none of them was an oak .
54 One quite serious limitation in the original selection of these authorities lay in the criterion for selection which seemed to rest in the main on those authorities whose drama advisers happened to be currently in favour with H.M.I .
55 After August 1939 it was no longer possible to have complete faith in a nation state which collaborated for whatever reason with fascism , even if that state happened to be the Soviet Union itself .
56 McCann happened to be at home in Derry on a visit when he was invited to take part in a DHAC demonstration .
57 A Phocaean aristocrat happened to be the guest of the king of the Ligurian tribe of the Segobrigi when the king 's daughter was made to choose a husband at a banquet .
58 We even excuse ourselves a smile at the Catholic priest who tells of how he , being an incompetent tennis player , accidentally mishit a shot that flew into an adjacent court where a black man happened to be playing .
59 And then they 'd throw you to whatever man happened to be passing for the money you 'd earn for them . ’
60 Alternatively one could simply say the seats were actually all taken , and that all three occupants happened to be in the toilet at the time .
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