Example sentences of "[noun] over a period " in BNC.

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31 The Survey was based on an examination of the book application forms ( commonly referred to as ‘ call-slips ’ ) submitted by readers over a period of a fortnight .
32 She was followed soon afterwards by Dr Greenaway , the BDA 's President who had rendered magnificent service to the Association over a period of thirty years .
33 It felt as though anti-racism had become an important issue over a period of just one year .
34 It should be noted that owing to the increase in size and complexity of modern business , the development of computer systems and the requirement that an auditor should review transactions over a period to report on the profit and loss account , the modern practice of auditing has moved away from a detailed checking of a mass of individual items towards a review of the systems in operation .
35 Thus it has been held that there was a course of dealing where the parties contracted three or four times per month for three years ( Kendall v Lillico ) and where there had been 81 transactions over a period of six years ( SIAT di del Ferro v Tradax Overseas SA [ 1978 ] 2 Lloyd 's Rep 470 ) , but not where there had been only three or four contracts over a five-year period ( Hollier v Rambler Motors ( AMC ) Ltd [ 1972 ] 2 QB 71 ; in addition the alleged course of dealing was not consistent ) .
36 I refer to your letter of 11 March 1993 concerning the above and the use of Media Action to organise an information type campaign over a period of possibly one week .
37 Of course , one of the main difficulties in this kind of research lies in the collection of accurate information about events and experiences over a period of twenty years or more .
38 The stardom sort of crept up on Nicholson over a period of weeks .
39 But this is surely nitpicking , in what can be viewed as a significant contribution to our knowledge of so many aspects relating to the ordinary citizens of Florence over a period of more than 200 years .
40 The usual procedure is for a sample , which is then referred to as the ‘ panel ’ , to be selected in the usual way , as described on pp. 35–9 above , and for data about this sample to be collected at regular intervals over a period of years .
41 This begins a sequence of letters from Celie to God , written at intervals over a period of more than thirty years .
42 And I believe er , at this meeting it was revealed that Scottish Homes had received a tender from the West Lothian District Council for this work over a period of ten years for a figure which comes to four hundred thousand pound which , apparently , was the cheapest tender !
43 This was a development which of course took place in Picasso 's work over a period of many months .
44 The research is therefore intended to contribute to this theoretical debate and , in drawing on field work over a period of nearly twenty years , to consider critically the applicability of ideas like discourse to a particular ethnographic case .
45 Firstly it has been shown to act specifically to inhibit dietary fat consumption over a period of four to six hours after experimental administration without changing total 24 hour intake .
46 Placed on assessment list : social worker visits over a period of months — discusses adoption , views on bringing up children
47 A programme of lectures , seminars and visits over a period of time is most likely to meet that need .
48 ‘ A prisoner , who it was alleged had recently been refused Compassionate Home Leave to visit a dangerously ill relative , had already been allowed three visits over a period of three weeks .
49 Those who tend to see the eighteenth century as above all " the Age of Wesley " usually bring a good deal of retrospectivity to their view of the rise of Methodism over a period at the end of which Methodists were still not especially numerous in the nation as a whole .
50 Like many earnest campaigns , the society raised moral indignation over a period of three years when a ‘ naked ’ papier mâché horse was put on display in a Manhattan airline office ; the horse was quickly removed and an apology was sent as speedily .
51 By a notice of motion dated 14 February 1992 the local authority appealed against those parts of the order which directed that there should be no contact between the father and the girl until after the local authority review and that there should be supervised contact between the girl and her half-sister , on the grounds that ( 1 ) the justices had been wrong in law in failing to invite the parties to comment on the agreed proposals for contact ; ( 2 ) the justices had been wrong in law in failing to indicate to the parties the nature of the orders for contact which they proposed to make , thereby depriving the parties of the opportunity to make submissions relating to those proposals ; ( 3 ) the justices had wrongly exercised their discretion in authorising the local authority to refuse contact to the girl by the father for only six months when they had found as a fact , inter alia , that the father had abused the girl over a period of at least 18 months ; ( 4 ) the justices had been wrong to impose the condition of supervision on contact between the girl and her half-sister when there had been no application for such contact to be supervised , the evidence was that the half-sister had been enjoying unsupervised contact and that there was no evidence that there was any risk of the girl coming into contact with her father while having contact with her half-sister , and the justices had heard evidence that the local authority were considering placing the girl with her half-sister and by their order they had precluded the local authority from making such a placement and had fettered the discretion of the local authority ; and ( 5 ) the order was therefore contrary to the girl 's best interests .
52 This number of casualties over a period of a few days would have been exceptional even when the mujahideen guerrillas were fighting the communists .
53 Most of the surveys showing that unemployed people are less healthy than the employed are cross-sectional in nature ( comparing different people at the same time , rather than following the changes in people 's lives over a period of time ) .
54 Captive-bred Pretty Tetras , have a much more brighter colouration than wild-caught specimens , the latter of which tend to lose this brightness over a period of time when kept in an aquarium .
55 Checklists are not appropriate for people who do not have inti-mate knowledge of a child over a period of some weeks .
56 Birth parents may relinquish their child for adoption at the time of birth or at a subsequent date , possibly having cared for the child over a period of months or years .
57 The work is to be done at home over a period of about nine months .
58 The organisers will urge participants , who will represent the 11 provinces of Zaire , to arrange similar seminars in their respective areas over a period of time .
59 After the grubs have eaten extensive ‘ galleries ’ in the wood over a period of years , with the resultant dust being emitted in bun-shaped pellets , the larva enters a pupal stage lasting three to six weeks and emerges as a fully grown beetle .
60 A standard technique that has stood the test of time is to analyse all paper work crossing your desk over a period of say a month .
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