Example sentences of "[noun] over and above " in BNC.

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31 As the elder son , he had responsibilities over and above those to his fiancée . ’
32 Staff at Levendale Under Fives Group , Yarm , became entangled in a row over a separate water supply to their new building which would have meant finding extra cash over and above the £25,000 raised by parents for the new building .
33 I am confident that what has been agreed will enable us to achieve that without spending any cash over and above that already in our normal annual budget over the next two years . ’
34 The point is , to what extent is the abuse of women and men as workers over and above capitalist exploitation in a particular society more characteristic inside than outside of TNCs ?
35 Your employer might decide that he wishes to help you improve your pension by making contributions over and above the statutory national insurance contributions into your pension plan .
36 So you nee you 've got to create or preserve a group who have a surplus over and above subsistence .
37 The technical department provided a base for him in order that he could pursue Technical Studies over and above normal classes .
38 But more recently , TI is gaining a reputation for its disclosures over and above the requirements that , in the words of one analyst , ‘ set a precedent for other companies to follow ’ .
39 It 's going to tell us things over and above looking at staffing levels is n't it ?
40 The Israel Bonds Organisation is to sell an extra $100 million in bonds over and above its regular sales as seed money for the project .
41 By 1910 the inhabitants of Britain consumed a million tons of meat over and above home produce .
42 How much additional pension you get depends on the amount of your earnings over and above the lower earnings limit for each complete tax year since April 1978 .
43 Erm er changes in the central charges which always intrigues me I 'd like to know and erm if I may go back to erm paragraph seven where we 're saying you know allocated thirty five thousand in the committee development over and above the effects of inflation an and this subject six thousand seven hundred recycled savings is available for some revenue development or mortgage charges and then if we look at eight and shortfall in planning applications we are going to use that six thousand seven hundred to write off a shortfall in the planning applications .
44 By contrast both productive opportunities yield positive NPVs ; that is , they provide a return to investors over and above that offered by the capital market .
45 In a photoionization process , on the other hand , any energy from the incoming photon over and above that needed to ionize the molecule is carried away as kinetic energy of the electron ejected from the molecule ; conservation of linear momentum is generally accomplished by recoil of the ion formed .
46 The permission of the Chief Constable was also a disadvantage in the field because it raised doubts among respondents about the purpose of the researcher 's questions over and above those that naturally arise from the political situation in Northern Ireland .
47 Ministers pledged extra help for up to ten million needy pensioners and families over and above inflation-linked benefits .
48 The Birmingham case differed from the Guildford one , he said , with evidence over and above uncorroborated statements .
49 Normally there 's no problem filling all the orders I get from the Heymouth hotels and others in the area , with dozens of braces over and above that to send to Edinburgh , Glasgow and London .
50 OEMs will have to pay USL $60,000 to get the source code in-house and another $25,000 in sublicensing fees to ship to customers over and above paying OSF $150,000 for a DCE license .
51 The main objectives of the research are to estimate the total compliance costs of personal income tax and capital gains tax in the UK , ie the costs incurred by taxpayers over and above their tax liability .
52 The money paid by taxpayers over and above government expenditure merely returns to taxpayers again ( albeit differently distributed ) .
53 Our target is to raise , in cash and in pledges , an additional twenty five million pounds over and above our normal fundraising .
54 This implies large uncertainties in the cycle-length-based record of solar irradiance changes over and above those associated with the optimization procedure used to deduce β .
55 The unpaid volunteers will not wear uniforms and will not have any special powers over and above those of ordinary citizens .
56 The reality is that , far from being an uprating over and above other increases , this is yet another real terms decrease in students ' real incomes .
57 It is in this prayerful meditation that mystics say that they receive an illumination of the reality of God over and above anything they can reach by their own efforts .
58 However , it is believed to be in the region of £15 million a year for the world-wide rights , plus a percentage of profits over and above that figure .
59 94 , the plaintiff , a seaman , claimed that the defendant , the captain of his ship , had promised him five guineas over and above his ordinary wages if he would perform some extra work in navigating the ship , the promise having been made , when the ship was in danger , to induce the seamen to exert themselves .
60 The other option would be expanding the villages themselves , and we find that that would be equally harmful , so we 'd be opposed to any significant additional development in our district over and above that that 's that 's been assumed in that table .
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