Example sentences of "[noun] over and above " in BNC.

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1 The detector was recording neutrons all right , but they could n't be sure if there were neutrons coming from the cell over and above those coming from natural sources , such as cosmic rays and general radioactive ‘ dirt ’ around the lab .
2 Such investment over and above plan targets must have speeded up modernization .
3 Regardless of whether it is a tithe or an offering over and above , it is good to analyse the sorts of places where we ought to be giving God 's money .
4 A pilot scheme , using one welfare rights worker , indicated the potential of a specialist approach to welfare rights which concentrated solely on the needs of people with learning difficulties : it raised an extra £20,000 over and above existing benefits .
5 A few salient juxtapositions would confer upon words a new relational potency over and above their semantic directedness to the external world .
6 It is accepted that not every ‘ foul ’ committed in breach of the rules amounts to a crime , and it seems to be assumed that players do , and may lawfully , consent to physical force over and above the minimum permitted by the rules .
7 Therefore , exposure to concentrations over and above the TLV may be permitted where the number of hours of exposure is less than those referred to above .
8 Residuals can tell us about the general level of variability of data over and above that accounted for by the fit ; we can judge atypical behaviour against this variability , as measured , for example , by the midspread of the residuals .
9 The Learning that goes on in higher education justifies the label ‘ higher ’ precisely because it refers to a state of mind over and above conventional recipe or factual learning .
10 Consequential loss can be where delay or loss of a letter or package could involve you in additional expense over and above its actual value .
11 No further expense over and above that was incurred in , or in connection with , the provision of surplus places to the taxpayers ' children .
12 The defendants denied liability , contending that an occupier 's duty of care to firemen attending his premises in the course of their work was limited to protecting the firemen from any special or exceptional risks over and above the ordinary risks necessarily incidental to a fireman 's job , and did not extend to protecting firemen from such ordinary risks which , on the facts , included an explosion of the kind which had taken place on the defendants ' premises .
13 The outcome has been the imposition of more sentences at the higher end of the punishment tariff over and above the changes in the volume of crime .
14 Their deeper action over and above that of repeated low potency centesimals seems plain and although I have no evidence I feel that high centesimals would probably have aggravated and made more difficult the roundabout route which we followed .
15 Firstly , I am reporting to you that there has been in the current year additional efficiency savings over and above those that previously anticipated er at the level of two hundred thousand pounds and so we are assuming in the budget erm that those can continue into ninety four , five and thereafter , and then we 'll see the resolutions have been amended to take that into account and the text of the erratum sheet explains how that 's been done .
16 Penson gave David Davies the job of preparing the foundations , embankment and approach road for the iron bridge over the Severn in the ‘ top sawyer 's ’ home town of Llandinam and was so pleased with his work that he recommended payment of an additional £15 over and above the contract price agreed .
17 ( 1 ) A recognised body which is a company limited by shares shall insure with authorised insurers against the losses referred to in paragraph ( 3 ) of this Rule over and above the maximum indemnity provided from time to time by the Solicitors Indemnity Fund .
18 Right , carrying on erm for the subject of erm compensation over and above erm that which is normally given to people who move from one place to another when , when they 're , they 're f h h have to be ,
19 Section 40(1) of the Patents Act 1977 permits an employee inventor to apply to either tribunal for a single or periodic award of compensation over and above the salary he is already earning .
20 The purpose is to determine which treatments produce effects over and above placebo levels .
21 This means that the outgoing particles have an extra degree of randomness or unpredictability over and above that usually associated with the uncertainty principle .
22 Mind you , you have to pay for your sound equipment over and above the list price .
23 In cases where the discharge of a duty imposed by law has been treated as valid consideration , the courts have usually ( but not invariably ) found an act over and above , but consistent with , the duty imposed by law : see Williams v. Williams , ( above , p. 218 ) .
24 The vestry of the City church of St Peter-le-Poore , Broad Street , also had this in mind and , as a result , officials were charging an additional £50 in 1838 for iron coffins deposited in their vaults over and above the standard fee of £1 15s. 2d. as against the extra £20 asked for a lead shell — with all fees double for non-parishioners .
25 He had certainly been paid one by Grunte over and above his salary , which was met by the local Tory Association .
26 And what was the attitude over and above , other than obviously coming in and out of work , what was the attitude of the local neighbours and whatnot towards them ?
27 There are sites in Harrogate that erm could be lost to employment use and that we 'd want to make compensating provision for those sites over and above the ninety hectares .
28 From such a position , deviant behaviour could be extremely good or heroic behaviour , such as risking one 's life to help others or showing courage over and above the line of duty .
29 The temptation to give a lot of negative attention over and above the agreed punisher can be overwhelming .
30 Accordingly , recent work has looked at new ways of defining rural deprivation over and above the arithmetic of woe shown in Tables 6.5 and 6.6 .
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