Example sentences of "[be] [conj] it [is] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ What I was going to say is that it 's not working out , is it ?
32 What that exhibition in fact is doing is that it 's not saying here 's a new spirit in painting , it 's saying that we the organizers , having not bothered to show you these things in the sixties and seventies , will now allow you to see them in the eighties , and we will pretend there 's a new spirit because we think it 's good for the art world to have new fashions , new movements , or at least something new going on that will produce some kind of emotional pressure .
33 ‘ It would be really cool if everybody was up there in the photos , ’ says Neneh , ‘ but the slightly tacky side of the pop star stuff is that it 's all focused on one person . ’
34 In some early drafts Raskolnikov commits suicide , and the striking thing here is that it 's never suggested he does so out of remorse or because he thinks he 's going to get caught or even from some vaguer , larger self-loathing .
35 Er , I also wanted to raise the issue of er the public service section in respect to er this because there 's something prob perhaps not actually tackled in the resolution but equally er important I think is that it 's actually getting the resources into er er down to the br branch level and er if we took this resolution literally , er what it would actually mean would be that er in har with harmonization of agreements we would be handing over er our majority on the manual workers , public service workers to , so obviously we got ta take this resolution very seriously , but consider its implications and the relevance of the word appropriate because I do n't think that we want to be er handed over to come July the first er single table bargaining where we are an absolute minority and where th th that union merge that 's taking place is obviously hostile to our union .
36 The only reason that , that you 're using a different clef is that it 's actually putting middle C in a different place .
37 The long term trend is that it 's actually going to be more room at the top of the market I think .
38 You probably already know what a larva is because it is also known as a caterpillar .
39 And that this , according to ancient legend , is because it is largely made of gold ? ’
40 This is because it is chiefly used for steam raising in power stations and industry and , particularly in the former , it will continue to be replaced by coal and nuclear power .
41 We 've just gone through Armistice Day and I was and it 's always made , made me feel there 's something a little bit wrong about Armistice , it seemed more of a glorification in the way
42 I 'm just thinking now that er we changed lots of things , the heads and things of that nature so it was If it 's just producing the same cage
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