Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] [prep] the " in BNC.

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61 ‘ I was n't going to unroll the damn things , ’ continued Lydia , ‘ so I banged them in the oven , humming insouciantly the while and served them up all bubbling hot .
62 ‘ I did n't want him — I did n't want him to come near me — so I locked myself in the bathroom , with Gary-I did n't know what else to do .
63 I was called away to the hospital so I left her at the house waiting for Nigel to turn up to collect her . ’
64 Now I know it was a great honour but I could see no way of accepting , so I put it on the mantelpiece and more or less prepared to forget all about it .
65 Although it was late and Mr Edgar was tired after his journey , Joseph insisted , so I took him to the master 's room .
66 Vera 's not back from lunch , so I kept it at the desk . ’
67 I had n't , June , so I thank you from the bottom of my heart .
68 So I waltzed him across the road and put him in a doorway and left him for somebody else to find .
69 It rang while Elizabeth was in the field and I picked it up and someone spoke to me , but I can not speak , so I tore it from the wall and then no one could speak to me . )
70 I was told they sent for a nurse who came at me with a needle so I grabbed her by the breast and threw her down on the hors d'oeuvres .
71 ‘ Your tea is ruined so I threw it in the bin .
72 I had n't been out for a long time , so I did it for the relaxation , really ! ’
73 Sally Curtiss , the Circle 's membership secretary , is here , so I entrusted her with the annexe key . ’
74 Once I met him in the West End and we went to the pictures . ’
75 Once I met him in the local pub , ’ Patrick Newell recalled .
76 still a human error even though you know how to do it , and we can not guarantee that you 'll do it so it , so it is , the , it is very important that nobody takes anything off the shelf automatically assume
77 Sometimes , although she chided herself for the thought , it seemed as if in trying to be unselfish and giving him what he wanted , she had allowed herself to be turned into a sacrifice .
78 As a single woman living with her uncle , the negligent landlord Mr Brooke , Dorothea has good reason to concern herself with cottages , although she intends them for the estate of the obliging Sir James , having presumably abandoned her uncle as a hopeless case .
79 Environmental issues are also important to Alison although she believes none of the major parties have a good green record .
80 " Womb " was an intimate and horrifying word although you heard it as the incarnation of the Virgin .
81 It was then that she told me about the hysterectomy . ’
82 She had to make sure that she avoided him in the future and never gave him the chance to pull any more stunts like that !
83 Not that she had anything against the vicar personally , though it had been hard to forgive his refusal of her request for an ‘ Animals ’ Sunday' to which people might bring their pets to be blessed .
84 Mrs. Steed , too , insisted that she knew nothing of the sale .
85 She denied that she knew anything about the power of attorney .
86 That she does it for the money , which symbolises affection , emotional security and personal achievement .
87 Tension had given her a dull , thumping headache so that she absorbed nothing except the first entry on the list .
88 She went with Breeze to call upon Mrs Rossitter , who was so charmed with her voice that she engaged her on the spot to read to her for two hours every day .
89 She said it as if it was a joke , but Alan knew perfectly well that she meant it from the bottom of her heart .
90 Phyl would have stayed in show business without the help of Littler but she was fortunate in that she met him at the right time , when he was building up his pantomime empire .
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