Example sentences of "[pron] [vb past] at the same [noun sg] " in BNC.

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31 They arrived at the same time ! ’
32 Now the , the pensions when they raised at the same time , because we only pension raised every year , and we 're up there at that particular time at the Lothian region , a full council meeting .
33 Through the Declaration of Ilo , the two presidents committed Bolivia and Peru to implement the terms of the Gran Mariscal Andrés de Santa Cruz bilateral framework agreement , which they signed at the same time , for economic co-operation between the two countries .
34 the , yeah , twenty I mean , well that one goes different and they started at the same edge , ah two twenty twos oh
35 There were three women and they died at the same time so God goes cos you do n't all three of you do n't so , erm , the first one goes : I wan na go back to Earth thousand times are better so she goes back as a President , right ?
36 They put on separate roadshows as they appeared at the same event for the first time since Mr Major 's statement in the House of Commons .
37 They spoke at the same time .
38 Both the projector and the turntable were powered by the same motor to ensure they ran at the same speed .
39 Ditto those helpless Englishmen he skittled at the same venue two years earlier .
40 ‘ Do n't you think it 's surprising that she could n't recall delivering twins for Lilian , when it happened at the same time as Donna , almost ?
41 By a different route , he arrived at the same conclusion of ‘ proportionality ’ as retribution required .
42 In portraiture he obtained at the same time a good likeness , much appreciated by the sitters and their families , and , in these works and in his more fanciful subjects , he engendered feelings of respect and admiration .
43 It began at the same time for both of us , did n't it ?
44 As agriculture had so near a connection with horticulture therefore he kept at the same time an observant eye on everything which occurred in rural economy , particularly the cultivation of ploughed lands .
45 Since he continued at the same time to deny any intention to stand , the letter seemed designed to test the ground while adding to the ferment in the parliamentary party — especially among those MPs sitting in vulnerable , marginal seats .
46 Linford Christie also runs his first major individual race of the summer in tonight 's Golden Gala and will be looking for the sort of confidence-booster he gained at the same meeting last year .
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