Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] [pron] at [art] [adj] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ I 'm so sorry , Veronica , you caught me at a bad moment , ’ Loretta said apologetically .
32 Mind you can always say to you caught me at a bad time , you say , it 's supposed to have appointment only , but just say , can you , is there any chance of you coming back .
33 His dark eyes met hers as if he felt her surreptitious appraisal , and she found herself at the receiving end of that long , sardonic smile .
34 Well you snip them at the growing time .
35 While the water steamed from the taps , she busied herself at the long table beneath the bathroom mirror , lifting the lids from the various jars and sniffing at them until she found the one she was searching for .
36 Taping rehearsals also reduces the likelihood of arguments about who played what at the last rehearsal .
37 PLAYER : Why , we grow rusty and you catch us at the very point of decadence — by this time tomorrow we might have forgotten everything we ever knew .
38 She adjusted it at a still more ludicrous angle in the mirror .
39 They 've shown that if you run it at the right speed and stuff it 's one of the most effective methods of doing it and erm the ones we say are the nice little plate compactors which are the best thing , they are useless in comparative performance so
40 ‘ Is all well ? ’ he asked when she joined him at a small table in a corner of the crowded bar .
41 You rarely need more than a teaspoonful , you add it at the absolute final moment of cooking , you do not blaze it ( at least I do not ) , you treat it simply as a seasoning .
42 So you drop him at the actual hospital ?
43 That as compared with the one you can put in that you know one at the top one at the side and .
44 So provided you get something at the right level of sophistication , you should n't go far wrong with any of the mainstream graphics software currently available .
45 As they walked he offered her his arm , unlike most punters , who followed her at a discreet distance .
46 Well , my stars say if you find yourself at a low ebb this weekend do n't worry .
47 For the remaining weeks , you pay her at the lower rate of £44.50 a week .
48 Janet 's counsellor Mamie Graham is on the end of a phone 24 hours a day for those who find themselves at the sharp end of crime .
49 Say , ‘ You lost him at an early age , did n't you ? ’ and I 'll say , ‘ Lost him ?
50 Ah , did you press them at the same time ?
51 Lamb 's solicitor Alan Herd , who represented him at the 50-minute hearing , said : ‘ Allan is very unhappy with the decision and is urgently considering an appeal to the Cricket Council .
52 So she advertised it at a knock-down price , and then invented a competitive bid to hurry you into signing on the dotted line .
53 She saw him at the first lecture , and thrilled at his cultured voice .
54 She saw them at the same moment and hesitated , then she turned and began walking back the way she had come .
55 Once extended her own eye was pressed to the lens of the telescope that was herself ( was it her own eye 's lens she was looking through the wrong way ? ) and she saw herself at the other end .
56 yes cos you always right , you remind me at the wrong time and the wrong thing
57 She spotted us at the same time and after a long look , took her offspring and ambled away along the side of the mountain .
58 Whether you choose a chateau hotel or stay in stately homes where families take in guests , splendour is the word and we found it at the majestic Chateau de Noirieux in Briollay , Anjou .
59 There was a small gap in the fence that was unaffected by the pile-up and we approached it at a forty-five degree angle .
60 He knew that after shooting the second eight foot fall we would be free-falling thirty-feet onto a sloping rock shelf covered with a six inch sheet of tonnes and tonnes of the River Tees rushing over it every second ; hopefully ( if we hit it at the correct angle ) we would follow this shoot a further twenty five feet into the plunge pool at the bottom of the fall .
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