Example sentences of "[verb] it for the first time " in BNC.

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31 The Formula One world champion test drives it for the first time in Phoenix on January 4 and will find his sleek , high-speed T93 series chassis also longer , bigger , heavier and cheaper than any previous IndyCar or championship-winning Canon Williams Renault FW14 .
32 The strange fragrance was stronger now , coming over the top of the rise in a wave of scent that struck him powerfully — as the scent of orange-blossom in the Mediterranean strikes a traveller who smells it for the first time .
33 I 'm not complaining about it , but I say I did n't raise it for the first time
34 The employee had conceived the idea for the valve in March 1985 and was able to test it for the first time several months later ; the employer applied for a UK patent in March 1986 ; and three years later the employee applied for compensation .
35 A thing of great beauty , it was not unusual to hear sharp intakes of breath as people beheld it for the first time .
36 As he said it for the first time a smile flickered across his face , and in that instant his features were totally transformed .
37 Because I have on good information and I 'll say it for the first time on this programme , I intend to give this in my evidence tomorrow , that Rover intend to close not the south works first , but the north works first .
38 Has anybody read it for the first time for this course ?
39 In fact , as she considered it for the first time , she wondered how any of them had survived to tell the tale .
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